Monday, September 26, 2011

Breast Reduction Is Becoming Increasingly Popular For Women Today

It is regarded that bigger and fuller breasts is usually the way forward for women, and that most of the time they feel their breasts are too small, and do not represent them as a woman, but on the other hand it is becoming increasingly popular for women to choose to have their breast size reduced through breast reduction surgery.

Breast reduction or mammoplasty is fast becoming very popular for women with large breasts as they realise it can be very detrimental to their health and or confidence if their breasts are too big. Breast reduction is not there to make you feel less feminine it is the opposite in fact, it is used to help regain femininity that you feel you couldn't have because of the pain or anguish that your large breasts are causing you.

Breast reduction involves removal of some of the breast tissue to make them smaller, after you have undergone breast reduction it may be apparent that you will need breast re-shaping or breast lift surgery.

This is because when undergoing the reduction procedure it can remove the breast from its optimum position, so the breast lift can put them back to their prime position and also giving them a much needed new shape.

Large breasts can cause major back, neck and shoulder pains, the inability to exercise or play sport because they intrude upon your running and also difficulty in finding clothing that will fit suitably. No woman should feel this way about their self or have to go through the pain and anguish because their breasts are too large. If this is you, why not contact your cosmetic surgeon today to see what options are best for you.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tips On Male Breast Reduction

It turns embarrassing when your chest appears like a breast. Yes, it happens. And countless men across the planet are suffering from this and are being bullied for their breasts. Also, having a breast is indeed uncomfortable for the males. Thus, if you’re also encountering the same problem, then its better you head towards the solution now.

The worst part is, even after wearing the clothes, men’s breasts are visible, which his frustrating and depressing. But yes, this is a fact that man boobs are difficult to get rid of. It takes them time to get back into their natural and perfect shape. In medical terminology, this is called Gynecomastia.

As per the experts, result-oriented solutions are available for Male breast problems. Exercises, diet-plans etc are there to assist you in reducing your chest size, which nowadays appears like a breast.

Below, we’re mentioning certain exercises that will get you the desired results, which you’ve been craving for:-

• Upper Chest Workout – Hit the gym to do the upper chest work out.

It will surely work. Reason being- it directly affects the chest area. Also, it’s a cheaper and one of the best forms of exercises to reduce the chest size.

• Cardio Exercise – The overall cardio exercise schedule helps in sweating out the fat from the body. Thus, it will surely burn out the fat in your chest area. There are numerous exercises that a cardio schedule includes. Hence, it is fruitful and gets you the desired results.

• Do push ups: It’s a great chest exercise and you even don’t have to rush to the gym to do it. If you know the right technique, you can do it at home. This will even work on your other body parts as well.

• Strength Training is also effectual: Strict strength exercises will do the best job to shape up your chest area. Also, your other body parts will be exercised perfectly. And yes, strength exercises do increase the metabolism as well.
• Interval exercises: Doing exercises within a specific interval of time will assist you in losing weight. Therefore, the extra size and weight of your chest will be vanished.
• Outdoor sports – Be it basketball, football, baseball or any other outdoor game, it will affect your chest area. Getting involved in sports is indeed a great way to burn-out the extra fat from the body.

Remember, not just one exercise will shape-up your boobs. It has to be a perfect combination of different exercises. Thus, you ought to do your strength exercise, cardio, play sports the best way possible. Only then you’ll eventually get rid off your unwanted boobies.  Aravali Clinic provides prefect solution of Male breast Reduction surgery in Delhi

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Signs Of Breast Cancer

Cancer is a dreadful disease, which does not just affect ones health but also their mind. An affected person will constantly be in a sad mood. This disease has affected people all over the world and every part of the body too. There is no organ that has saved itself from cancer. Cancer is a fatal disease and results in a painful death. However, thanks to the medical world that we can now treat cancer. This treatment is possible only if we treat ourselves as early as possible.

One of the most commonly found cancer in women is breast cancer. It is not just found in women but also in men. According to statistics, breast cancer is second to lung cancer and is the major reason for death of women who die from cancer. It has been found that in U.S alone one out of eight women suffer from breast cancer. The survey also shows us some frightening number of breast cancer patients to rise up more and more as years pass by. To avoid more death of women due to breast cancer, it is important to treat breast cancer at its early stages because if you leave it carelessly then you are pushing yourself into the well of death.

Many of our medical questions remain unanswered, but whose answers are necessary to find. One such question is that how do I know that I am suffering from breast cancer? The answer is simple, by its symptoms. The symptoms are simple to know. The tumor, which is formed at its early stage, may not be detectable by you manually, but it is possible to detect it though mammogram. It is necessary for women to undergo an annual mammogram screening to detect cancer at its early stages. Remember that cancer can be treated only in its early stages and delay can lead to mortality.

There are even more signs of breast cancer that can help you know that whether you are suffering from breast cancer or not:

Touch your nipples and breast and feel them. If your nipples are tender and you feel any sort of lump or thickening around your breast or underarm then fix an appointment.
If your skin is red, swollen or rough on the breast, then you need to take care of it.
See if there is any kind of fluid or discharge from the nipples.
Check the size of the nipples, if one is bigger than another then you need to check it.
Touch your breast and feel its temperature, if it is hot then you need to check it.
Presence of any kind rash on the breast or patches of it around the breast need to be taken seriously.
Flat or inverted nipples have to be checked.

Breast cancer can be treated in its early stages. Therefore, it is necessary for women to go for an annual check up. Do not fear or feel hesitated, because your fear or hesitation can lead to death.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Breast Reduction Surgery - An Overview

If you are considering breast reduction surgery, there are numerous facts you need to be made aware of. Read on for information on how the procedure is done, what to expect from the end result and what makes a good candidate for this cosmetic procedure.

Breast reduction surgery is performed by a cosmetic surgeon under general anesthesia, usually on an outpatient basis. The surgeon begins by placing the incision around the areola and along the natural crease under the breast, then connecting the two. The surgeon then removes the excess tissue and skin and closes the incisions, usually placing the areola at a higher location. Patients wear a surgical support bra for a few weeks and can expect to return to work after two weeks.

Women who have undergone breast reduction are often relieved from a variety of physical complaints as well. Besides becoming more proportionate, women report fewer back problems and pain, alleviated neck pain, better posture and no more skin irritations in the area. Many women are able to engage in a wider range of exercises and other physical activities that their cumbersome bust prevented them from performing before.

Many women opt for this type of cosmetic procedure to correct the medical issues cited above. For these patients, it is possible to obtain insurance coverage for the procedure. This is what sets this procedure apart from other types of elective cosmetic techniques.

The high satisfaction rate is indicative of its effectiveness. Barring any significant post-operative weight gain, results are life-long. Also, women who have chosen this procedure early in life have often remained able to successfully breastfeed. Enhanced self-confidence and self-esteem are additional positive results of having this done.

Good candidates for this procedure are women with large enough breasts to interfere with their lifestyle and their health. Those with no history of surgical complications and who have never experienced adverse reactions to anesthesia could be good candidates as well. More specifically, those dissatisfied with their large bust size will benefit from this operation and those suffering back and neck ailments due directly to their large bust could obtain insurance payment for this procedure.

For additional information on this and other types of cosmetic procedures, contact your cosmetic surgeon. They often offer a free initial consultation and you can use that time to become better informed on the techniques available to help you reach your desired end result.