Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to Get Yourself Involved in Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer awareness month is a worldwide celebration that promotes awareness, information distribution and charity events for breast cancer awareness and proceeds are being given to research, patient and other alternative breast cancer treatment.

Breast cancer is among the main reasons for death from cancer, third in line to Cancer of the lung (number one cancer killer) and Colon Cancer (second). It is alarming to know that Breast cancer is the second top most cancer killer with this year's National Cancer Institute's statistics, at the same time as the second most frequent cancer to women in the United States (next to Skin Cancer). It does not leave Men safe mainly because you will find also a large number of cases reported globally, which leaves tens of thousands of people losing their Parents, grandma and grandpa, family and friends simply because of this dreaded disease.

There are a lot of ways on how to join and make contributions. This celebration is not merely for the bereaved, but it is a celebration of life. It is for those who are diagnosed and still fighting the battle, the survivors, and for their loved ones. We all can make a difference and save lives by getting involved and making contributions through:

Spreading the word. You will find a lot of ways in spreading the message of commemorating this event, we can share stories of struggle, faith and hope from survivors, and a few heartbreaking stories of fall from the cancer diagnosed families and friends. We can also share Cancer tips for prevention, alternative treatments for breast cancer, breast examination (mammogram) benefits along with other information via blogging, writing and submitting articles, posting and sharing in social networking sites, along with other mediums like, publications, television, radio and pamphlets.

Joining events. There are a lot of events organized that would benefit those beneficiaries above. Worldwide, you will find events for example Races (walking, run and ride) like the most popular event in the United States, the sixty mile fundraising walk for the benefit of "Susan Komen for the cure" Research which is sponsored by Avon. Some organize Concert events, Fashion shows and forums.

Purchasing Breast Cancer Awareness Month Products. There are groups of people from small time entrepreneurs up to large corporations that help various events that donate the proceeds to their chosen charitable organization, cancer research center and alternative treatment center for breast cancer. From as simple as pins, t-shirts, cakes, up to watches and automobiles. You can definitely help not only by purchasing, but extending your support through wearing, displaying and patronizing these products.

Donating and/or seeking donation. You can absolutely donate any kind of amount and present them directly to the foundation and/or you can also collect donation in kind from your family members, friends, officemates, organizational mates and neighbors and extend your cause.

Visiting a treatment center for diagnosed patients. Show them love, allow them to have hope, cause them to become happy, let them recognize that there are still random people who care for them and for them that's the best alternative cancer treatment.

Making everyday a Breast cancer awareness Day. Breast cancer awareness should not merely be celebrated every October but should be everyday of the year specially if you've loved ones fighting it, cured and cleared from it and for people who died who stood up and fought until their last breath.