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Things To Know When Considering A Breast Reduction

While many women dream of procedures which increase their bust size, others dream about being able to reduce them. If you have breasts which are large to the point of interfering with your life and the activities you love, it might be time to reduce them and move forward with life.

There are definite side effects to having a chest which is too large. One of the most painful can be chronic neck and back pain.

Perhaps you are tired of having to cover up when you are at the beach, or you are afraid of revealing too much skin at dignified events.

These are just a few of the reasons more women are choosing life-enhancing breast reduction, or reduction mammaplasty. Contact a qualified plastic surgeon in this directory to help you start the process.

The only thing you have to lose is inches! If you are interested in having this surgery, the benefits include being able to stand straighter, swing a golf club, wear clothes that fit correctly, run with your dog, and even sleep and breathe easier.

This is a plastic surgery procedure, usually performed for medical reasons rather than cosmetic purposes, to make breasts smaller, lighter, and firmer. Reduction is typically recommended for women who have significant physical ailments, such as back or neck pain, skin irritation, poor posture, numbness, rashes, indentations in the skin from over-taxed bras, excessive sweating or breathing problems, due to unnaturally large mammary glands.

During the procedure, performed under general anesthesia, a surgeon removes excess tissue, fat, and skin using an anchor-shaped incision that circles the areola and extends downward, following the naturally curved crease. The nipple and areola are then moved into their new position, and skin from both sides of the breast is reformed around the areola to reshape it.

Women who suffer from the severe physical and psychological impacts of an overly large and heavy chest may consider this life-enhancing procedure. Symptoms are most problematic when size is inordinately disproportionate to the stature-for example, a 5-foot-tall woman with a 36E cup size.

In addition to the obvious physical disorders that a pendulous chest causes, they can also lead to significant emotional suffering. Teens with large breasts are often subject to teasing or undue sexual attention.

Many women are emotionally scarred by their inability to pursue physical activities or be truly appreciated for their mind over their body. All of these women, if they are in good general health and mature enough to understand the procedural risks and consequences, could consider reduction.

Since the surgery removes many of the milk ducts leading to the nipples, this surgery is not recommended for women who intend to breast-feed their babies. Young women are also advised to postpone surgery until the breasts have stopped growing, usually around age 20.

Ask your doctor and insurance company about the qualifications for medically necessary surgical coverage. As with any surgery, there is a slight possibility of complications, including bleeding, infection, or reaction to the anesthesia.

In some cases, post-surgery patients can develop small sores around the nipples, which can be eliminated with antibiotic creams. Reduction mammaplasty does leave some permanent scars, although they are easily covered by a bra or bathing suit.

Other complications may include slightly mismatched breasts, unevenly positioned nipples and some loss of feeling in the chest and nerve endings. Most patients are moving around in a day or so, but are advised not to move heavy objects for up to a month.

New mammories may also ache occasionally for a couple of weeks. Most women return to work and social activities in about two weeks, but should limit exercise to stretching and swimming.

Your plastic surgeon will provide detailed instructions for resuming normal activities. If you choose to have this procedure, you will find that you have less emotional stress, less teasing and unwanted attention, and an elimination of neck, back, and shoulder pain.

You will also find that you have the ability to run and exercise, an elimination of rashes, numbness, and painful bra-strap grooving, the benefit of an entirely new wardrobe, and a new found confidence you cannot beat.

You will also receive medical benefits, in the form of an easier detection of any kind of pre-cancerous lumps. Talk to your doctor today if you are a possible candidate for this procedure.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Resveratrol and Breast Cancer

Cancer is quickly becoming a pandemic. It is a condition which a group of cells exhibit abnormal and uncontrolled growth. It can also spread to other parts of the body via the bloodstream called metastasizing or simply invade other parts if it gets large enough. These aspects differentiate cancers from benign tumors which do not metastasize or invade. Cancer may affect people of all ages - even fetuses can have cancer and causes 13% of all human deaths.

One particular cancer frequently occurs with women: Breast cancer. Although it is closely associated with women, there have been accounts of men having breast cancer as well. The occurrence of breast cancer in women is 100% more likely than that of males however survival rates are equal for both sexes.

Women in the United States have the highest occurrences of breast cancer in the world.

Among women in the US, it is the most common cancer and the second most cause of cancer death second to lung cancer. The chances of an American female developing cancer are a staggering 1 out of 8. And the chances of death are 1 out of 35.

The first symptom of breast cancer is a lump that somehow feels different from the surrounding breast tissue. 80% of its occurrences are discovered by women when they feel an abnormal lump when performing self-checks. However medically, the first signs of cancer are detected by a physician via a mammogram. It is best to consult with a doctor when your self checks show positive indications of growth or dimpling in the breasts.

Other signs include changes in breast shape or size, dimples or indentations in the skin, nipple inversion or spontaneous discharge. Pain might also be an indicator of breast cancer although it is not always the case.

Pain may also indicate other breast related illnesses like Paget's disease. Sometimes cancer becomes metastatic. This means that the cancer has spread beyond the original organ from which it originates via the bloodstream. There have been reports of brain tumors forming after a cancerous formation in the breast metastasized and entered the bloodstream reaching the brain.

Primary factors of breast cancer are sex, age, childbearing, hormones, a high fat diet, strong alcohol intake and obesity. Other sources are carcinogens like tobacco smoke or in some occasions, radiation. Most cancers are also hereditary. Though the cause of cancerous growths might not always be pinpointed, it is usually discovered during or after treatment. Cancer is highly unpredictable and mutations change at an exponential rate. The growth of cancer is actually a series of erratic mutations. Each mutation alters the state of the cells. This in turn may either invade other parts of the body or transfer via bloodstream. The latter being more dangerous as the metastasized cancer cell may be hard to detect once it reaches a different organ or location.

Resveratrol, a compounds found in red wine, is found to have regulated estrogen levels and prevented the growth of cancerous tissue due to hormonal imbalance. Too much estrogen in the system, whether male or female, equates to an increased risk in getting breast cancer. Estrogen metabolites form and when they react with DNA in breast cells, the risk of breast cancer increases dramatically. Because of its hormone regulating functions, resveratrol indirectly reduces the risk of having malignant growths in the breast caused by hormonal imbalance. A resveratrol concentration of 10 micromoles per liter was enough to keep estrogen metabolites from reacting with DNA. A typical glass of red wine has between 9 to 29 micromoles per liter depending on fermentation time and type of grapes used.

Resveratrol is a phytoestrogen. These are more commonly called dietary estrogens and are found in plants. There is evidence that suggests that phytoestrogens prevent the formation of breast and prostate cancers which are caused by hormonal imbalances. Cardiovascular diseases and menopausal symptoms are also regulated by the intake of phytoestrogens. Epidemiological studies have shown protective and preventive effects against breast cancer. Although there have been no reports of breast cancer patients benefiting from the intake of phyto estrogen. Resveratrol acts as a preventive measure, not a cure.

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Breast Reduction Surgery in Thailand at Vejthani's Plastic Surgery Center


Excellent Treatment of Breast Reduction Surgery in Thailand:

No More Bounty Cleavages

Vejthani Hospital understands that your self confidence is of prime importance and it is hard to maintain one when your breasts make a high profile of themselves. We therefore proudly offer you our finest operation where your smaller size is possible. The treatment is performed by our certified surgeons in a hygienic, safe, and relaxing atmosphere. The medical facilities we use are only the latest and most advanced.

Visit our clinic and ask for individual diagnosis on breast reduction surgery in Thailand by our specialists. Be more confident with your new size now.


Reduction Mammoplasty (Breast reduction)


 Breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty is a procedure to remove fat, glandular tissue, and skin from the breasts, making them smaller, lighter, and firmer.



 Breast reduction is usually performed for women who are troubled by very large or sagging breasts that restrict their activities and cause them physical discomfort.



 A possibility of complications, including bleeding, infection, or loss of feeling in their nipples or breasts.

The procedure may leave slightly mismatched breasts or unevenly positioned nipples.



 The surgeon will examine and measure your breasts and will discuss the variables that may affect the procedure-such as your age, the size and shape of your breasts, and the condition of your skin.A mammogram may be required before surgery.


 The procedure involves an incision that circles the areola, extends downward, and follows the natural curve of the crease beneath the breast.

The surgeon removes excess glandular tissue, fat, and skin. The surgeon then brings the skin from both sides of the breast down and around the areola, shaping the new contour of the breast.


 Breast reduction is always performed under general anesthesia.


 The surgery takes two to four hours in operating theatre.


 After surgery, you will stay in a hospital about 7 days..


 You'll be wrapped in an elastic bandage or a surgical bra over gauze dressings, after surgery. A small tube may be placed in each breast to drain off blood and fluids for the first day or two.The bandages will be removed a day or two after surgery, however you'll continue wearing the surgical bra around the clock for several weeks, until the swelling and bruising subside. Your stitches will be removed in one to three weeks.


 Your breasts may still ache for a couple of weeks. You should avoid lifting or pushing anything heavy for three or four weeks and should limit your exercises to stretching, bending, and swimming until your energy level returns. A good athletic bra is needed for breast support and you should try to avoid any physical contact with your breasts for about six weeks.


Thailand Hospital Vejthani Hospital specializes in skin treatment,dental,orthopedic,plastic surgery

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Breast Cancer Alerts

Breast Cancer, also known as Malignant Breast Neoplasm, is caused from the inner lining of the breast tissues called milk ducts or lobules. Breast cancer which primarily originates from the milk ducts is known as ductal carcinomas. However, it can also instigate from the lobules, in those cases they are called lobular carcinomas. Mostly women aged above 45 years are victims of this dreadful disease. Although 100 times less, but men are also found to be victim of breast cancer.

With the rate at which the disease is increasing its prominence, it has become very important to spread awareness against this ailment. Breast cancer awareness programme have been initiated in different places with a motive to protect and create awareness about the disease amongst women. October is recognized as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month around the world.

Proper and immediate treatment, right after the disease is diagnosed is very important.

There are several breast cancer treatment centers all over the world which are equipped to fight the ailment. The treatment for breast cancer is usually surgery along with radiation or chemotherapy. In some cases where breast cancer is due to hormones like estrogen or/and progesterone, the treatment is done by blocking off the effects of these hormones in the target tissue.

There are several symptoms that can be very useful for recognizing breast cancer but the most important breast cancer symptom is the feeling of a lump in the breast which is unusual from the rest of the part. This lump develops through several years and the time it is noticeable it has already grown to an alarming level.

Other than lump there are other symptoms as well such as, change in the size of the breast, unusual change in the shape of the breast, nipple inversion, skin dimpling, or it may be single- nipple discharge. Lumps may also be found in the armpits which can be breast cancer.

There is different stage of breast cancer, from stage 0- 4. Stage 0 is known to be the pre-malignant disease or marker, whereas Stages 1-3 are described as 'early' cancer and possibly curable and stage- 4 is explained as 'metastatic' or ‘advanced' cancer and is incurable.

Proper awareness and breast cancer information is very essential to avoid the disease. To avoid breast cancer each of us should be alert and should know what the sign of breast cancer is to evade it. Each woman should actively enquire about the disease and should take part in different awareness programmes to eradicate it from the core. They should search the most important breast cancer site which has most relevant information and addresses of nearest treatment centre. Don't be shy- protect yourself against this adversary.


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Breast Reduction Tips and tightening the loose breast

The procedure will help you increase the volume of your breasts and have a better shape and profile. As a result, you may feel that your self-confidence is increased and self-esteem improved.

It's important to learn all you can learn about breasts cancer. Don't just say it can't happen to you. Whether it can happen to you or not, you should arm yourself with the knowledge of it and how to prevent it. Also, you will learn how to effectively examine your breasts for any sign of cancer. If discovered early, every woman stands the chance of surviving breasts cancer.

Read more on Loose and Saggy Breast and Firm Bust Size and Natural Breast Enlargement

The ideal candidate for male breast reduction surgery is a healthy person of any age.

And by healthy, it doesn't necessarily mean fitness buffs. It just means that the procedure's effects will be the greatest on those already living healthier lifestyles or those who are in the process of starting healthier lifestyles.

If you have big breasts, the opposite sex or even other women tend to find you sexy and more attractive. In fact, some women who are flat chested are envious of you. However, there are many drawbacks in having big breasts. Back pains, chest pains and restrictions from physical activities are just among the problems caused by having heavy breasts. Hence, many women whose breasts are larger than normal are seeking to have the size of their breasts reduced. Here are some tips to reduce breast size using natural methods:

Here are some tips to reduce breasts naturally:

There are natural pills available for breast reduction. You can opt for these pills on daily basis. These pills have no side implication on your breasts. The pills are made from natural herbal extracts which helps to reduce your breast size in gradual manner.

The effect of these natural pills also depends on individual body type of women. You can opt for these pills on daily basis, till you want your desired breast size. There are number of natural pills available which are available according to your choice and preference.

Exercise is the best option to naturally reduce your breast size. By opting for daily exercise for fifteen minutes, you can get your desired breast shape. For this, you can also opt for lose body weight. In most of the cases, large breast size is result of heavy weight. If you reduce your body weight, you can actually reduce your breast size in an effective manner. These two factors are co related to each other. So, you can opt for losing some body weight in natural manner.

You also have an option of reducing your breasts by opting for a well balanced diet. For this, you can reduce the intake of fried food in your daily diet. Fried food and fats have direct impact on your body mass. You can also opt to reduce your calories for getting your desired breast size. Diet plays a very important role in your body health.

You can also opt for special creams for reducing your breast size. There are many breast reduction pills which are available on natural basis. You can opt for these creams, as they have no side effects on your breasts.

These are some natural methods for breast reduction you can keep in mind.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Breast Reduction Surgery- Things To Consider

Breast reduction surgery can improve the size and shape of your breasts and reduce their size. This procedure will also eliminate the discomfort you may be experiencing because of the weight of your breasts. You may be a viable candidate for this procedure if your breasts are too big for your frame, you hate the size of your breasts, you have heavy breasts and nipples that point downward, one breast is larger than the other, or if you have pain because of your chest size. You may also be a viable candidate for the surgery if you are not able to do certain activities because of your large breasts.

If you want to reduce the size of your breasts, you need to meet with a skilled plastic surgeon who is board-certified. Your cosmetic surgeon will examine your chest, take your measurements and maybe even some photographs. The doctor will evaluate the quality of your skin, the shape and size of your breasts, and the placement of your nipples.

The surgeon will also take your medical history, so make sure you are honest with him. Let the doctor know if you have any drug allergies or health conditions and tell him about the medications you are taking.

Bear in mind that insurance may cover the cost of your breast reduction surgery. Several factors determine if you qualify, including the terms of your policy and the amount of breast tissue that needs to be removed. Contact your insurance company to find out if you qualify.

Should I be worried about complications? Every year, hundreds of thousands of women undergo breast reduction surgery, experience no serious problems, and are pleased with the outcome. However, if you are considering surgery, you should be aware of the benefits and risks. The risks that are associated with this procedure include bleeding, reactions to anesthesia, infection, asymmetry, breastfeeding problems, fat necrosis, dissatisfaction with breast size, pain, permanent numbness, slow healing, and others. You can lessen some of the risks by following your surgeon's instructions and advice before and after surgery.

Before you undergo breast reduction surgery, your surgeon may recommend that you get a mammogram. Fortunately, the surgery does not increase the risks of developing breast cancer. If you smoke, you will be asked to quit in advance. You should not smoke two weeks before and after the surgery. You should also avoid taking certain anti-inflammatory drugs and aspirin before surgery because they can cause increased bleeding.

Where will the surgery be performed? The breast reduction surgery may take place in an outpatient or inpatient basis. If you stay in a surgical facility or hospital, you may be required to stay for the night. Whether the doctor releases you on the day of your surgery or the next day, you will need to find someone who can drive you home and stay with you for a few days. With that said, you should meet with an experienced plastic surgeon soon to discuss the procedure and your expectations.

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Male Breast Reduction Questions Answered

Male breast reduction is a simple cosmetic surgery performed to treat related enlargement in men. Though it's a common surgery among men, this procedure remains shrouded in mystery and misconceptions. Read on for answers to many of the typical questions regarding surgery.

How Is It Done?

Male breast reduction is performed much like the female version of the surgery. The surgeon begins by placing an incision around the areola and removing the excess tissue and skin before applying stitches and closing the site. Sometimes, liposuction is used in conjunction with this technique, and other times it is effective by itself. In extreme cases, multiple entry sites may be necessary to achieve the desired result.

Does It Treat Obesity?

In the cases of obesity, surgeons recommend a more comprehensive weight loss approach due to the possibility of reversal of the results. In patients whose problem area happens to be their chests, who have been unsuccessful in losing the fat in the chest area regardless of diet and exercise, surgery may be effective even in the long-term.

Who is a Good Candidate?

Healthy men with no allergies to anesthesia who seek to correct related enlargement are good candidates. Men with Gynecomastia are the best candidates for this procedure. Gynecomastia is a disorder in men causing enlarged breasts and is caused by hormonal imbalance, heredity or by a formerly used medicine.

What is Recovery Like?

Patients return home the same day as surgery, and are placed in a surgical support garment to immobilize and protect the area. This procedure results in a week-long recovery that patients are required to spend resting. Though most activities can be resumed after a week, exercise or any other strenuous endeavors will need to be avoided for a month.

Are Results Long-Lasting?

Gynecomastia patients have their glands and ducts removed during surgery, eliminating the problem that causes the enlargement. In men who sought this surgery to rid themselves of remnants of fat deposits from the area, later weight gain may reverse the results. This is why the majority of surgeons require men to maintain a steady weight for a particular amount of time before deeming them good candidates for the procedure.

Now that you have had many of your questions answered regarding this cosmetic procedure, you will have a better idea of whether this type of enhancement will meet your needs and give you the results you desire.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

All about of Breast Uplift & Breast Reduction

So, your breasts may feel droopier and pendants, sometimes the nipples losing. Women who perform not need to revolutionize the size of the breast, but they want to her breasts lifted and appearance that is more youthful may be candidates for breast lift surgery.

Increases thoracic surgery is common in older women, a few hundred of them to choose these features make the breasts look younger with healthier. This operation is quite easy and is rarely any complications. Only a small scar around the nipple is full of disappearing at the end. We recommend a bra a couple of weeks to go faster the healing progression.

It is significant to ask the doctor about the pros as well as cons of having a process. It is also necessary to make a series of tests to see if the breast lift surgery can be done safely and correctly. The tolerant has to keep in mind to see if you have allergies to certain substances, but an intervention such as a breast lift requires general anesthesia to be dangerous or deadly.

If a surgeon does not need these studies, it is sensible to go to another specialized.

Breast reduction is a survey favored by many women for various reasons. A few women have many breast hankies, and discover it obstructs with their work out custom, lifestyle, or put too much stress on your back, causing pain and exhaustion. These women find relief with a significant breast reduction, which essentially eliminates these harms and leave the breast size of the figure flattering.

Many women come to his studio in a plastic surgeon with the opposite problem. Actually, many women would be jealous of the neighbors complain too much breast tissue because they believe that their chest is a serious omission. However, women seek breast reduction to find a lot of development in their self-worth and general self-image, which is trying to strengthen.

Breast reduction is a series of measures, including the location of the incision and tissue. Depending on the size of the breast before surgery, and the amount you want to go, remove or raise, the surgeon will decide a customized diagram for your surgery. He or she will guide you during the steps of the process and make sure you understand them before the pre-and postoperatively. Be sure to express any distresses or problems you may have at this occasion. This will help make sure you get the best results meet your expectations.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Is Breast Reduction Right for You?

If you encounter difficulty going about your daily activities or participating in your favourite sport due to your heavy set breast, then you may want to consider having a breast reduction procedure.

The breast reduction procedure was developed especially for women who suffer in several aspects of their lives due to the excessive amount of breast tissue they have to carry daily. It is normal for heavy busted women to also experience back and neck pains. Clothing is also another problem they encounter since their upper body goes beyond standard measures. This article is not written by or checked for accuracy by a medical doctor. Please consult with your physician for treatment options.

A breast reduction procedure will require a minimum of two sessions. The first session will be more of an orientation lesson where you will be presented with the options that are medically available to you. Your medical consultant will also explain to you the consequences of having a breast reduction surgery and about the surgery procedure itself. During this consultation you can discuss the reasons why you want to have a breast reduction procedure as well as the healthy amount of tissue that your surgeon can remove without causing damage to your overall wellbeing.

The second visit will usually involve the breast reduction procedure itself. Here the doctors will give you an anaesthetic in order to numb the pain that comes from any surgery procedure. Then the surgeons will use a special marker to mark the areas where the incision will take place. Then after the incision is made, an amount of tissue is removed from each of the breasts or from one of them, depending on your individual case. The breast tissue will be removed by means of a tube that works on a suction motion. The operating medical team will monitor the amount of tissue that is being removed from your breast by looking at the measurement lines on the suction tube. Once the right amount of tissue removal is achieved the doctors will sew your skin back together using sterilized needles and clothes.

After the breast reduction procedure, the medical stuff will wrap a special bra on top of the medical bandages that are supporting your breasts as this allows blood and other fluids to dry. You will need to wear this bra for around two days depending on what your doctor tells you. You may be able to move about after the second day but it will take you around six weeks to recover fully.

This article is not written by or checked for accuracy by a medical doctor. Please consult with your physician for treatment options.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

What Patients Should Know About Breast Reduction

In an era when many women want a prominent bust and resort to breast implants, a special category faces serious health problems caused breasts that are too large, including medical conditions such as back pain, muscle pain, spinal deformity by incorrect posture, skin problems caused by sweating, inability to sleep on the stomach or a deteriorated appearance after a certain age. In some situations, such breasts are a source of extra weight, which can cause confusion and changes in the speed of reaction of individuals. Surgery should be performed in order to increase the quality of the everyday life, while the options of breast reduction should be decided by following the advice of the surgeon.

Breast reduction surgery can be achieved surgically by this miraculous intervention. The first breast reduction surgery has been described in the seventh century, and today it is one of the most common plastic surgery techniques.

Breast size and weight can be reduced through a variety of surgical procedures that differ mainly in two aspects: the location of the incisions and the final results in terms of scarring. Breast reduction aims at improving the proportions, position and appearance of the breasts, helping the local harmony of the body. In addition, reduction of excess breast tissue contributes to improving the quality of life. This can also lead to the disappearance of symptoms caused by large breasts, such as spine, chest and shoulder pain. As with any plastic surgery, it is very important to know the changes desired by the patient and its expectations should be consistent.

Breast reduction surgery is a strictly individual intervention and therefore it is not practicable to copy the image of some other person.

Plastic surgeons should be taking into account the patient's desires and expectations in order to determine the most appropriate procedure for breast reduction. Often, this surgery is associated with some extra medical indications, in cases when spine, shoulders and chest pain are encountered. Breast reduction is typically performed under general anesthesia. The operation lasts for about 3-4 hours, but may be extended depending on the complexity of the changes that are required. There are many surgical procedures for breast reduction, differentiated by the size and location of the incisions, which are different depending on the method of excision of excess breast tissue.

The most common incisions are in the shape of a "keyhole" through which the breast tissue can be accessed by the surgeon. The scar left is like an "anchor" or an "inverted T" and consists of a periareolar path containing a median vertical scar and a scar that is perpendicular to the light curve. In recent years several methods have emerged, whose aim is to limit postoperative scarring. These techniques are called mammoplasty of vertical reduction, leaving only a vertical scar in the shape of a line, associated with the periareolar area of the breasts. The advantage of these methods is given by the absence of an incision in the mammary groove. Breast reduction surgery is different in every patient, depending on the segment of glandular tissue. This segment will contain glandular blood vessels, which will ensure the blood supply to the gland and areola. There are a variety of techniques that rely on a single pedicle (superior, inferior, medial, lateral or central).  Finally, make sure you always follow the advice given by the surgeon in order to avoid complications.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Breast Reduction: Is It Covered By Insurance?

A big chest can be a burden for many women. It can hamper exercise, make breaking difficult, cause lower back pain, and make it challenging to find clothes that fit well. Breast reduction can eliminate these problems, but the surgery is expensive. The good news is that it can sometimes be covered by health insurance.

Cosmetic surgery has something to offer just about anyone who has a problem with the way they look. While many women are going in to see a surgeon to get implants, another portion of the female population is going to those same surgeons to get a breast reduction. Of course, there are reasons other than vanity to get this procedure. A big chest can be a burden for many women. It can hamper exercise, make breaking difficult, cause lower back pain, and make it challenging to find clothes that fit well. Of course, as with any form of cosmetic surgery, breast reduction can be expensive.

The good news is that it can sometimes be covered by health insurance.

If you’re thinking about getting the procedure done and want to see about getting it covered by insurance, the best first stop is your family practitioner. Talk to him about the surgery and explain the types of problems you’ve been having that are leading you to consider this option. He will be able to advise you on the best course of action and may be able to refer you to a good doctor or clinic. He may also be able to act as an advocate on your behalf, increasing the chances that your health insurance will pay for the operation. As long is there is a verifiable medical reason for you to have the surgery, there’s little reason why insurance would be unwilling to cover it. These reasons could include back pain, poor posture, chest pain, or even spinal issues.

Another option you have is to simply call your insurance company yourself and ask them about their benefits as it pertains to breast reduction surgery.

They will have concrete example of what they will and won’t cover, and for what reasons, so you shouldn’t have to worry about them playing games with you to try and talk you out of filing a claim. If they have a clause that covers the cost of the procedure for medical reasons, you then will simply need to provide them with documentation that you have the medical issues that would induce them to shell out the money.

Of course, the next step is to find a good surgeon who accepts your insurance plan. It will be in your benefit to choose a doctor who is in your insurance plan’s network so as to further save out of pocket money on the cost of the procedure. The clinic or doctor’s office will be well prepared to answer your questions, as they deal with the same questions on a daily basis. They will also know the kind of criteria and documentation the insurance companies are looking for to help them decide whether or not to cover the costs and will be able to provide the company with this information.

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Gynexin Male Breast Reduction

Gynexin is a product which you can take for the purpose of male breast reduction. It has the potent ingredients capable of getting rid of man boobs. Man boobs can also be referred to as gynecomastia. Gynexin male breast reduction supplement is a natural product which contains blend of herbs made to eliminate man boobs. It functions by acting on your fatty tissues found in your mammary gland. This product is the only one of its kind which is made under the supervision of top medicinal scientists and dieticians. It is capable of acting on your fatty cells and trimming them down in quantity and size.

The result from the use of this male breast reduction pill begins to surface in 2 to 3 weeks time. The first result you will experience is the overall firming of your torso. Reduction of fat at your midsection area is the first sign that the product has started to work for you. Beginning from third to six week, you will notice the firming of your chest region. When you must have attained your desired results from the use of gynexin, you should switch the dosage of gynexin pill you take per day from four capsules to two capsules per day in order to keep the result you have gotten.

Apart from the use of gynexin to get rid of gynecomastia, the next option is the use of surgery. This method is a painful and invasive option. When you use it to remove your man boobs, it will leave permanent scaring on your skin. It costs up to 00 for one session. Gynexin does work for getting rid of gynecomastia safely.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer is one of the most serious diseases that can strike women of almost any age. Cancer awareness is important to help women find the first signs of cancer. The survival rate for cancer that was found early is almost 96%. However, over 40,000 women die per year due to cancer. This means that these women did not detect their breast cancer in the early stages. Statistics like this show that there is not enough breast cancer awareness among women of the world.

There are many simple ways to raise cancer awareness. There are many cancer products such as tee shirts, bracelets, and tote bags that when purchased, provide much needed money to cancer research projects. Some online sites have partnered with sponsors to fund cancer research when certain links or advertisements are clicked on. Visitors to these sites do not even have to pay anything.

The Susan G.

Komen race for the cure is another great way to help raise cancer awareness. Most people will sponsor someone participating in a charitable race like that one. In addition to the money gathered for the race, they often give tee shirts to participants. Just wearing a shirt that mentions breast cancer is a way to raise breast cancer awareness.

Many women in the United States know about breast cancer and the devastating effect that it can have on both a woman's life and her family's life. However, many women ignore the procedures that they should be doing to help catch any signs of possible cancer. Women over 40 should have a mammogram every year. However, many women do not even go to the doctor at all once a year. This is negligence that can cause serious problems. The best thing to do in this situation is to encourage every female you know to get periodic breast exams.

This is especially important if the woman is over 40. However, younger women should get checked as well.

There are some breast examinations that can be preformed at home. Many doctors recommend that a woman periodically check her own breasts for any possible lumps or irregularities. This can easily be done in the shower. It is important that women take the time to care for themselves. Cancer can be very deadly if ignored. Considering that the chances of survival is close to 100% if the cancer is caught early, it is irresponsible to not check for breast cancer on a regular basis.

If you have Cancer you need to fight it with a Cancer Diet

Friday, September 17, 2010

Antiperspirants And Breast Cancer

Antiperspirants And Breast Cancer

Most underarm antiperspirants contain as the active ingredient, Aluminium Chlorohydrate, as you will probably remember there has been controversy about Aluminium, since the 1950's when it was a popular metal used for making cooking pots, Saucepans and Fry Pans and that it could be one of the contributing factors to Alzheimer's, now we have another problem that could also be related to Aluminium, Breast Cancer.

Research shows that one of the leading causes of Breast Cancer could be the use of antiperspirants. The human body has a number of areas, that it uses to purge Toxins from the body, these are, behind the knees, behind the ears, the groin area, and the armpits. The toxins are purged from the body in the form of perspiration and antiperspirant as the name clearly suggests prevents you from perspiring, thereby inhibiting the body from purging Toxins from the armpit area.

These Toxin do not just disappear, Instead, the body deposits them in the Lymph Nodes below the arms, since it is unable to sweat them out. A concentration of Toxins then builds up in the areas such as the armpits, which can then lead to cell mutations, which is cancer.

It cannot be ignored, that nearly all Breast Cancer Tumors occur in the upper outer quadrant of the breast area, this is where the Lymph Nodes are located. Men are less likely (but not totally exempt) to develop breast cancer prompted by the use of antiperspirants, because the antiperspirant is more likely to be caught in the armpit hair, rather than directly applied to the skin, but ladies, who shave their armpits, increase the risk by causing imperceptable nicks in the skin, which allow the chemicals to enter easily into the body through the armpits.

This article is aimed mainly at ladies, but please be aware that there are a few antiperspirants on the market that are made from natural products, but basically they would still trap the Toxins in the same areas. The best solution is to use deodorants, rather than antiperspirants, also please remember that the Eight Essential Sugars in Glyconutrients can also help to fight off Toxins.

There is a lot of controversy about this article, the medical profession scoff at the idea, and so do big business, but then again there are huge numbers of people that scoff at the problems associated with Fluoride in drinking water. You can make up your own mind on whether there is someting in this article or not, I know that if I was a lady, I would keep clear of Antiperspirants. I realise that Doctors everywhere, do a marvelous job, and they are appreciated, but they are reluctant to look at the bigger picture, also please remember that the fourth largest killer of people in the western world is prescription drugs.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

What is the Recovery Process After A Breast Reduction?

Breast Reduction is a surgical procedure to reduce the size of very large breasts. Very large breasts, or macromastia, may cause neck, back, and shoulder pain. Reducing the volume yet enhancing the appearance of your breasts is possible with surgery. Recovery after surgery is surprisingly short and not too painful.

Breast Reduction surgery is typically done on an out-patient basis. The procedure takes about 2-4 hours, depending on your individual case and amount of surgery required. Your recovery depends on the amount of breast tissue that needs to be removed, the amount of tightening performed, and the actual procedure being done, as well as your individual pain tolerance.

The two main surgical ways to perform a breast reduction include an "upside down T incision" (inferior pedicle breast reduction), and a "lollipop" incision (vertical limb or vertical mastopexy breast reduction).

The type of surgical approach and incision depends on your breasts, the amount of breast reduction needed, and the surgeon's preference. There is an increased preference for the "lollipop" incision over the past several years, since it has a slightly less noticeable scar length.

The recovery after breast reduction takes several weeks to months. Most of the healing occurs and swelling disappears within the first month or two after your operation, but it takes a total of 6-12 months for all of the healing to complete. It will also take several months for your breasts to "drop" and look more natural, as opposed to the swollen appearance they have right after surgery. Every patient is different, and communicating closely with your plastic surgeon is the best way to have realistic expectations about recovery after your breast reduction.

Your breasts will be swollen and possibly bruised right after surgery.

Compression in a surgical bra, icing, rest, and elevation of your chest will all help to lower the amount of swelling and pain you have right after surgery.

Using a pain pump right after surgery will also decrease your pain. Pain medicine can be delivered directly into you breast tissue, which gives you a large amount of pain relief directly to the areas of surgery. This usually translates into taking less pain medication after surgery. Patients can start using non prescription strength anti-inflammatories several days after surgery. Everyone has a different pain tolerance, so your recovery after surgery may differ.

Generally, patients in my practice return to office work within one week after surgery. Light exercise is possible right after surgery. However, wait to do any vigorous exercise until 2-4 weeks after your breast reduction surgery. This is because you need to wait for the skin incisions to fully heal.

Patients will only need antibiotics for several days after surgery to prevent infection. It is not common to need antibiotics for greater than 5 days after a breast reduction surgery.

You should be are placed in a surgical compression bra right after your breast reduction procedure. You wear this type of bra or a sports bra, for several weeks after surgery to allow the swelling to reduce, as well as to maintain an overall aesthetic shape. Your plastic surgeon will go over with you when it is safe to resume wearing a regular bra.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Recovering From Breast Reduction Surgery

Women with large breasts often suffer from back and shoulder pain and have difficulty finding clothing that fits correctly. As a result, many of them choose to receive reduction mammoplasty, also known as breast reduction surgery.

The recovery from such a procedure, however, can be quite complicated and requires many lifestyle modifications. Immediately following surgery, women should expect to feel nauseous and disoriented from the anesthesia used during mammoplasty.

After being discharged from the hospital, patients must carefully care for the sutures and drainage tubes surrounding their breasts. Since they must stay in place for at least a week, women should have someone available to help them with their daily routines. Aside from bed rest, patients should receive assistance with hygiene practices, since they will not be permitted to lift their arms. They must also be sure to sleep on their back in order to prevent injury to their surgical incisions.

After surgery, it is normal for patients to experience pain, swelling, tenderness, bruising, redness and even loss of sensation. The plastic surgeon who performs the breast reduction surgery will likely prescribe pain medications to help the patient cope with these discomforts after surgery. Most women report that the pain associated with recovery is minor to the discomfort they have endured from living with large breasts.

In addition, patients should wear a compression garment for several of weeks after the surgery. A compression garment reduces swelling, healing time and is supportive to the chest. In addition, a compression garment aligns the breasts properly and helps the tissue to conform to the contours of the garment. It may take several of months until the breasts reach their final shape. Women can also decrease swelling and healing time by decreasing their sodium intake and drink more caffeine free fluids in order to prevent water retention.

On average, the recovery time for breast reduction is about two weeks, but everyone is different. The more tissue that is removed from the breasts, the longer recovery will take. Strenuous activities should be avoided for about six weeks after surgery to promote healing, and patients should follow the instructions of their plastic surgeon. It is likely that there will be scarring where the surgical incisions were. If they are bothersome, the surgeon can likely offer advice on scar revision.

Sexual activity should also be avoided for a week after surgery, due to increased breast sensitivity which can become painful when aroused.

Most importantly, patients should be sure to follow the specific recovery instructions given by their plastic surgeon.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Breast Cancer Marathon Houston

Metastatic breast cancer (MBC) is the most advanced stage (stage 4) of breast cancer. Breast Cancer Marathon Houston Cancer cells have extended past the breast and axillary lymph nodes to other regions of the body where they keep on developing and multiplying. The disease has the possibility to extend to almost any area of the body. The most usual part breast cancer extends to is the bone, followed by the lung and liver. Treatment of MBC in general concentrates on lessening symptoms and extending a woman's life span.


In 10% of diagnoses, the cancer has already extended to distant areas in the body. A principal diagnosis of Stage 4 breast cancer might point to a fast development of the disease or that the cancer was present but not identified in the breast for some time.


The majority women accept a mixture of treatments.

For women with stage 1, 2, or 3, the major objective is to treat the cancer and put off it from coming back. For women with stage 4 cancer, the objective is to recover symptoms and assist them survive longer. In a good number case, the later couldn't be treated.


Even though patients with stage 4 breast cancer might live for years, it is typically life-threatening in the future. Various factors affect this.


Here are a number of the customary treatments:


- Chemotherapy, or treatment with cancer drugs, is frequently the major treatment. It could decelerate the development of the cancer. Chemotherapy is frequently utilized in conjunction with hormone therapy or immunotherapy.


- Hormone therapy could be the solution for women with hormone receptor-positive cancers. These are cancers that require hormones to develop.


- Biological therapy is a new method. In roughly 25% of women with breast cancer, an excess of a protein known as HER2 makes the cancer broaden speedily.


- Clinical trials are open to several women with stage 4 cancer. A clinical trial might let you get into to cutting-edge treatments.


- Surgery and radiation are employed in a number of cases. These treatments aren't employed to treat the cancer. But they might assist treat pain and other symptoms in organs where the cancer has extend.


- Other drugs might assist treat a number of the side effects of breast cancer treatment as well, like nausea, fatigue, and also infections.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Etiology of Breast Cancer

Epidemiological risk factors for a disease could give significant clues as to the etiology, or cause, of a disease.

The etiology of human breast cancer remains largely unknown. Risk factors associated with the disease could be classified into three extensive determinants: family history factors, hormonal and reproductive factors, and environmental factors. A current epidemiologic analysis concluded that 73% of breast cancers are attributable to environmental factors. Over 78% of cases happen in postmenopausal women. Late onset is consistent with the long latency periods usually related with chemical carcinogenesis in humans.

Studies of migrant populations and geographic variations in incidence of breast cancer recommend that lifestyle and environmental effects are involved in the etiology of the disease. Its rates in Asian and Mediterranean countries are considerably lower than in North America, yet, in some generations, its rate in female offspring of Asian immigrants to the United States approaches the American rate.

Current studies point out that its rate in Japan is increasing, coincident with the westernization of the Japanese lifestyle.

In general, the incidence of breast cancer in American Indian and Alaskan Native women has been lower than in most of the other racial/ethnic groups in the United States. Migration of these Native American families has caused an upsurge in the rates.

An elevated occurrence of breast cancer has been noted in the U.S. northeast, particularly the New York-New Jersey-Pennsylvania area, which is amongst the most heavily polluted areas on the continent in terms of industrial and vehicular emissions. An increased risk of breast cancer was reported for postmenopausal women as well who lived for more than 10 years near an industrial facility in Long Island, New York.

While the association of numerous risk factors, like family history and reproductive patterns, with breast cancer has been well established for several years, work in the past 10-15 years has added considerably to our comprehension of disease etiology too.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Breast Reduction

With all the emphasis in western society on large breasts, it seems almost counter intuitive that anyone would want to have their breasts made smaller. But in fact, breasts that are too large can cause health problems and sometimes psychological problems as well.

Breasts that are too large are heavy, and finding a supportive bra that fits can be nearly impossible. And when someone with very large breasts finds a bra that fits reasonably well, the straps will dig painfully into the shoulders. Posture can suffer, and the person with large breasts can have chronic back problems from it.

For this reason, many times breast reduction is considered a health issue rather than one of vanity. But this means that health insurance will usually cover all or part of the costs associated with breast reduction surgery.

The surgery of breast reduction is much more complicated than breast augmentation surgery.

A skilled surgeon will take aesthetics as well as health into account. Once excess tissue and skin is surgically removed, then the surgeon must craft smaller breasts for the patient, re-positioning the nipple to look as natural as possible after the surgery.

While scars for breast augmentation are relatively easy to hide - some incision scars are under the arm, in the fold of skin under the breasts, or even in the belly button - it is hard to hide the scars from breast reduction surgery. Often it's a matter of whether the individual who has surgery has the type of skin that hides scars well.

In reality, for most patients who have breast reduction surgery, the relief from pain (and the rude stares they're often subject to) far outweighs the presence of scars.

Once they have recovered from surgery, they are able to find clothing to fit much more easily. Often confidence improves, posture improves, and overall happiness improves after the surgery.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Is Breast Reduction Right for You?

If you encounter difficulty going about your daily activities or participating in your favourite sport due to your heavy set breast, then you may want to consider having a breast reduction procedure.

The breast reduction procedure was developed especially for women who suffer in several aspects of their lives due to the excessive amount of breast tissue they have to carry daily. It is normal for heavy busted women to also experience back and neck pains. Clothing is also another problem they encounter since their upper body goes beyond standard measures. This article is not written by or checked for accuracy by a medical doctor. Please consult with your physician for treatment options.

A breast reduction procedure will require a minimum of two sessions. The first session will be more of an orientation lesson where you will be presented with the options that are medically available to you.

Your medical consultant will also explain to you the consequences of having a breast reduction surgery and about the surgery procedure itself. During this consultation you can discuss the reasons why you want to have a breast reduction procedure as well as the healthy amount of tissue that your surgeon can remove without causing damage to your overall wellbeing.

The second visit will usually involve the breast reduction procedure itself.  Here the doctors will give you an anaesthetic in order to numb the pain that comes from any surgery procedure. Then the surgeons will use a special marker to mark the areas where the incision will take place. Then after the incision is made, an amount of tissue is removed from each of the breasts or from one of them, depending on your individual case.

The breast tissue will be removed by means of a tube that works on a suction motion. The operating medical team will monitor the amount of tissue that is being removed from your breast by looking at the measurement lines on the suction tube. Once the right amount of tissue removal is achieved the doctors will sew your skin back together using sterilized needles and clothes.

After the breast reduction procedure, the medical stuff will wrap a special bra on top of the medical bandages that are supporting your breasts as this allows blood and other fluids to dry. You will need to wear this bra for around two days depending on what your doctor tells you. You may be able to move about after the second day but it will take you around six weeks to recover fully.

This article is not written by or checked for accuracy by a medical doctor. Please consult with your physician for treatment options.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Breast Cancer Charity Products

With the incidences of all forms of cancer on the rise today, it is very possible that we either know someone who has experienced breast cancer, or who will in their lifetime. There are many organizations that sell breast cancer charity products, and a portion of the proceeds are donated for breast cancer research. For those who purchase fine collectibles, this is an excellent way to indulge in your favorite hobby, and do something great to help others at the same time.

Because breast cancer charities have used the color pink in their advertising campaigns, it is common that breast cancer dolls and other charity products feature this lovely color. Hershey Kisses provide the motif for a pink ribbon music box. The music box, shaped out of porcelain and in the distinctive chocolate candy shape, features a message of Kisses for a cure on the ribbon that comes out of the top of the kiss. Enjoy the song, You're the Inspiration, playing on the music box each time you open up the kiss.

Jasmine Becket Griffith is known for her Goth-inspired fairies, and she is an artist who has given her support to breast cancer research by creating a breast cancer support fairy. The fairy, which has wings in shades of pink and pink striped leggings, is a lovely figurine that will help you do your part to combat breast cancer.

Jewelry is also available that helps to support research. A crystal pendant with butterfly art tastefully done inside the crystal is worn on a chain as a necklace, which is beautiful when worn with your outfits.

Other unusual collectibles are available that do their part in the fight against breast cancer. A Power of Pink motorcycle figurine features a motorcycle adorned in pink. A lighthouse figurine that brings awareness to breast cancer is also available. If you love pets, there is a Yorkie dog figurine that is seated on a pink patterned tuffet, with a pink collar and bow, and all of these collectibles are created so that a portion of the purchase price goes to help fund today's breast cancer research. Lifelike baby dolls dressed in pink are also used to bring attention to the deadly disease, and help research as well.

Please check with your favorite fine collectibles online stores to see if they have breast cancer charity products available before you make your next purchase.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Breast Reduction Prague- Gives an appropriate shape to your breast

Cosmetic Surgery Europe is being very popular nowadays with both men and women. Some of the most famous cosmetic surgeries are tummy tuck with liposuction, breast enlargement and eyelid surgery. Cosmetic surgery is a choice that people use to choose for varying reasons. In the early years, if you found yourself for cosmetic surgery Prague, you might have got handful of agents giving you clinic prologue for Cosmetic Surgery Abroad. Today, there is an outbreak of agent offering the service of cosmetic surgery abroad. Well, surgery is a word that made us scare and if given a chance we may not even wish to go under a doctor's knife if the problem can be solved out without any surgery.

Breast Reduction Prague comprises common information about the procedure of Breast Reduction, local news of Breast Reduction Prague and some other Breast Reduction related material.

Women who are having large breasts may undergo from pack pain, skin infections under the breast folds and breathing problem. While operation generally extra fat, skin and breast tissue are being removed and the surgeon makes a smaller breasts as per woman`s proportions.

Well, there are two methods to achieve breast reduction that is with longer scar or an anchor scar. This is the process of selection in a case of very large breasts. The surgeon use to cut through the nipple down and at the back the breast folds. Next, the surgeon use to lift the nipple upward and give a shape to the breast. The cut is usually made through the nipple and the fold.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Draw a profit of guy breast reduction

His predicament stated at puberty and it is thought he may outgrow the fatty cells on his breasts but he didn’t. Today, he is 40 7 using oversized chests. Men's busts lower is a anesthesia surgical that enhance in lowering this problem that may be lead to by a lot of factors. And merely because executing so reduction supports in alleviating men using executing so class of situation extreme fats, a lot of men are heading for carrying out so. In as significantly as there is a correction, rise of extra pounds or hormone imbalances can result in a re-occurrence and there is also a tendency for those who are using steroid to build the outsized boobies after surgical procedure. There may be aspect trigger take pleasure in numbness which wouldn’t endure long immediately after doing so operative procedure.

 The range of men who wants to reduce their excessive busts climbs every solitary 12 months but not as the variety of ladies who are heading for bosoms enlargement or minimize.

It is uncomfortable to see a man whose articles of clothing are not starting to be additionally however it is a million greenback builder due to his chests that is why many men are preserving their stats form through doing so procedure.
Abdomen tuck doesn’t requirement many intro because it is one of the most famous skin care surgical procedures that are accomplished on earth. This is because of the reality that folks typically let their belly carelessly until it starts off to protrude prefer a using youngster competitor’s own. This is a significant issue for each the men and female who are having carrying out so problem of big stomach. It may be due to pregnancy, obese or hereditary problem, occasionally, anesthesia dilemma prefer the liver organ or kidney failure can create these loose cells roughly the stomach. The surgical therapy might possibly be a well-rounded stomach or partial abdomen surgery referred to as apronectomy below the steering of common anesthetic before the surgeon tightens the stomach.

Are you worned from feeling sad regarding your busts? Do you consider you requirement a far better try of boobies in contrast to the one you are getting? It may be which these folks are sagging, outsized, puny or not starting to be and firm, what you need is a boob job. Global students possess a lot of medical methods which may take care of you. You simply go online and see which you are seeking for. The surgical procedures wouldn’t consider the time. You may have it interior of few quite a few and an additional day, you are going the regular business enterprise employing pride.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Breast Reduction and How to Tighten the Loose Breast

For years now, women with big breasts have been looking for the safest ways of breast size reduction.

There are many disadvantage brought by having bigger breast size. Among these are grooves in the shoulders from bra straps, steady back pains and neck pains.

Women with bigger breasts are also having problems enjoying the physical sports that they love. This is because they can't move around comfortably.

Also, finding the right size and types of clothes to make them at ease can also be hard for them.

The specific effects of various breast decrease exercises are related to the amount of glandular and fatty tissues to muscle tissue.

Most breast reduction exercises tone the muscle hankie that lies under the glandular and fatty tissue, although some breast reduction exercises also help reduce the quantity of fatty tissue in the breast.

Extra growth of breasts is also a source of embarrassment like under grown breasts.

The whole figure and beauty of female body depends on breasts shape and size. So it becomes very important to keep breasts in proper form.

Huge breasts become saggy, loose and lots of stretch marks may appear with time. The fitting of dresses is also a major problem.

We have herbal medicines available for breast reduction, firmness and sagginess. We suggest you to use Breast Firming Products for your breasts.

B-shapes cream and Breast serum double concentration are the best products for your problem.

Breast Reduction Exercises

Push Ups

The is the simplest, most cost effectual exercise that you can do that will have an impact on your chest muscles.
1. Lie flat on the floor with your hands next to your shoulders.
2. Push yourself up onto your knees.

Chest press

1. Using light weights lie flat on a workout bench, maintenance your feet flat on the ground.
2. Hold the weights directly over your torso with your elbows bent at 90 degrees.

Chest fly

1. Using light weights lie flat on a workout bench, keeping your feet firmly on the ground.
2. Hold the weights up in the air above your upper body with your palms facing in.

Breast Reduction Tips

Full breast reduction is also known as keyhole reduction, anchor incision reduction or wise pattern reduction.

This operation uses 3 separate, but joined incisions to remove interior breast fat and glandular tissue, as well as surgically place the nipple in a higher and more aesthetically pleasing location on the breast mound. The surgery utilize a periareolar incision

Vitamin D3 is available through diet, supplements and exposure to sunlight, or ultraviolet B (UVB) as long as the skin does not tan or burn.

In a white woman, it will only take 10 minutes at noontime on a clear day, with 50 per cent skin exposure, to absorb adequate vitamin D. Darker skin will require up to 25 minutes.

There is no reason to stay indoors all summer, hiding your body from the world. Gynecomastia can be corrected, giving you the flat, chiseled chest you have always wanted.

Home Remedies for Breast Reduction

Excessive breast size can reduce the excellence of your life. The unwanted size of a woman's breast may result in too much self-consciousnesses and depression.

Unwanted and nasty commentary about your over-sized breasts is hard to accept and can affect your self-esteem.

You will also find it hard to find comfortable and attractive clothes to wear. Your physical appearance and grooming are greatly affected.

You also suffer from neck, shoulder and back pains transportation large breasts.

Breast reduction surgery may relieve some of the symptoms mention above but there are always risks in surgeries and it is a good option to try natural breast drop treatment first which is safer and no side effects.

Read more on Breast Firming Serumand Breast Enhancementand Breast Enlargement

Monday, June 21, 2010

Breast Cancer in Europe

Despite prevention policies and ever-more effective treatments, cancer is still one of the major causes of death in Europe. One of the most widespread types is breast cancer.

An epidemic of breast cancer is sweeping Europe, with a 16 per cent increase in the malignant disease in two years. It has grown to be the most usually diagnosed cancer in Europe, in spite of the fact that it almost simply affects one sex.

Newest estimations by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in Lyon, France, prove there were 429,900 cases diagnosed in 2006, amounting to nearly one in three of all cancers in women. In Britain, breast cancer rates have soared by more than 80 per cent in the past 30 years.

It is the first time breast cancer has out-ranked lung cancer in Europe. It is nearly solely a disease of women, with approximately 2,000 cases a year in men.

Breast cancer is the commonest malignancy amongst women in most European countries.

Breast cancer is therefore a main public health problem, but with the exclusion of oral contraceptives and hormonal replacement therapy, both of which have obvious advantages as well, the known main risk factors are not agreeable to principal prevention. Mass screening of women over age 50 years by mammography has been revealed to decrease death; national mammographic screening programmes were familiarized for women aged 50-64 years in the UK from 1988 and for women aged 50-70 years in The Netherlands from 1990, and a regional scheme in Denmark was begun in 1991.

Opportunistic screening is common in numerous European countries as well. The occurrence of breast cancer has been rising in lots of countries, but the obtainable treatments have improved, survival has improved and death has started to turn down.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Reduction of Men's Breast

There are many ways in this world to become beautiful. In this modern world there are many types of fat reduction materials. Man boobs can be reduced through many ways as there are many ways that are present in this world. There are no reasons for a man to have breast. For a man this body part does not provide any useful things. There are certain things to reduce a man’s breast. Alcohol consumption by men is a reason to increase their chest fat. So alcohol consumption must be reduced and you must be aware of all its bad effects. So reducing this unlimited consumption of alcohol can make you reduce your chest small. There are certain tips that have to be kept in mind which will help you to reduce your chest. These tips are listed at the below:

1) First thing which you will have to keep in mind is about the case of gynecomastia.

Due to this thing there is a chance for increasing of estrogen and also testosterone. If you have too much estrogen or testosterone there is a chance for getting excess fat and your body would look like bulgy. Alcohol has a rich amount of estrogen in it which causes the men to get bulky fat. Also there are other estrogen rich foods that exist in the market and most of us are buying them. A change in the period of diet can have a change in you and your fat would be reduced to some extent. Deleting these estrogen rich foods from your usual diet can decrease you fat. Fruits also exhibit certain amount of estrogen. The fruits that mainly exhibit them are the grapes, pears and also berry. Vegetables like beans, garlic and onions also exhibit certain amount of estrogen. So all types of foot items has got estrogen rich in them.

2) The second thing and the last thing that you will have to do is if you are fat, reduce it and get a fitted structural body shape. You can reduce your weight by using a gynecomastia friendly diet. This diet would help you to achieve what you want. This is the simplest way for decreasing your chest size.

So, for reducing a man’s chest these are the best and the simplest way to do and get a successful result after you finish the process.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

All About Male Breast Reduction And Treatment

Male breast is common today. Also, asking the plastic surgeons regarding the male breast reduction surgery is even common. Out in the market, numerous surgeons are performing this critical surgery, intended to reduce the male chest size. Surgeons reduce the male chest size by implementing the medical procedures, and they consider such surgeries as a basic medical surgery. Currently, when countless men worldwide are suffering from big chest size, they are truly concerned regarding its reduction. And yes, medical surgeries are the proven solutions for Gynaecomastia.
Nowadays, males encounter such problems in their late teens; however, it automatically reduces at the age of eighteen. Few males bear this trouble for the rest of their lives. But now, there is no need to tolerate this for too long as you can directly go for the male breast reduction surgeries after consulting with your doctors.

In Delhi and Gurgaon, myriad specialists are offering the result-oriented male breast reduction Delhi, thus, if you feel that you also need the same, then simply go ahead and visit a reputed clinic in Gurgaon or Delhi.

Apart from breast reduction surgeries, the Delhi and Gurgaon clinics are also offering medical procedures for breast augmentation, breast enlargement, breast implant surgery, breast lifting and Mastopexy Surgery. So mainly, all the male and female breast related issues are taken into consideration by these veteran doctors who run such prestigious clinics in Delhi and Gurgaon.

Generally, male chest size enhances due to increased weight, inappropriate liver conditions, improper medications and imbalanced hormones. Also, it is common in bodybuilders who deliberately increase their chest size by doing some chest related strength exercises. At one point, this condition is uncomfortable for the males, but later, it turns embarrassing. Therefore, one must take the requisite steps in this regard, without making unnecessary delays.

Certainly, the medical treatment is there to reduce the men chest size; however, there are physical exercises as well, which are effective. At times, the doctors don’t recommend medical treatment to the patients if they are certain that the chest size will be reduced by doing some chest related exercises. Only under very critical conditions, doctors suggest breast reduction surgeries to the males.

Some patients even go for the liposuction to remove the bulge from their chest area. However, these actions shouldn’t be taken without any expert advice.

Across the planet, male sufferers have undergone the breast reduction procedures, and are satisfied with the final results. Hence, if you also believe that you necessitate a medical treatment, then simply go ahead and get the things done.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Breast Reduction Surgery Who Does It Better?

Breast Reduction Surgery Who Does It Better?
Mostly, a number of women go for breast reduction surgery as a result of suffering from huge breasts, a condition that is commonly known as breast hypertrophy in the medical field. This may occur either in one or both breasts. The condition may be experienced during adolescence or even during pregnancy which may persist thereafter. In such cases therefore, the woman may opt to go for a breast reduction surgery to help reduce the size of the breasts. Though the cause of this kind of condition is unknown, it can be arrested through plastic surgery.
Before resulting to breast reduction surgery, there many important things that one should consider. The enlarged breast may have many other setbacks other than the general outlook of a woman. There are some health problems that are associated with huge breasts such as back pains as well as other medical complications. The problem of enlarged breast is good to note does not affect only women. There are also men who suffer from what we call Gynecomastia which may happen to one or both breasts. The cause of Gynecomastia has been pointed out as steroids, blood pressure, drugs and anti-depressants among other causes. This condition cannot be rectified by dieting or even excising and a surgery must be performed. The main goal of breast reduction surgery is to take out excessive tissue and skin from the breast so as to reduce the size and give the breast a good shape. The size of the areola can be reduced in this if at all it is required.
To be able to remove the tissue and the skin, a cut or more will be made on the breast by the surgeon. Then they will stitch the skin in order to close the opening. The areola and the nipple might also need to be removed and positioned on a different spot. The person may lose any feelings on the nipple due to the cutting off of nerves which help in sensing. The process of incision may be different on different people depending with amount of surplus tissue and skin to be removed from the breast as well as the positioning of the nipple. This process will include repositioning of breast tissue and the reshaping after removing the excess tissue. The skin that remains after the removal of the excessive tissues is tightened to avoid sagging and then the cuts are closed. The doctor will then possibly use surgical tape to help support and close the skin. After the breast reduction surgery the patient will be monitored where excessive fluids and blood will at times be drained using tubes and dressing done on the breasts and wrapped with a surgical bra. The patient will experience some pain for the next few days after the operation and then some discomfort but this will be over after sometime as they get used to the new look. The patient should at least make sure that they wear the surgical bra throughout the day to lessen swelling. More information can be found at

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Your Breast Reduction Journey

A breast reduction is an important step in body maintenance for many women, and quite frankly men suffering from gynecomastia, or large wide breast tissue. This procedure is not only for large breasted woman, it can be useful for moms who are finished with their breast feeding days, or advanced age combined with gravity has brought about a pendulum effect to a woman of any size.

A breast reduction is an important step in body maintenance for many women, and quite frankly men suffering from gynecomastia, or large wide breast tissue. This procedure is not only for large breasted woman, it can be useful for moms who are finished with their breast feeding days, or advanced age combined with gravity has brought about a pendulum effect to a woman of any size, that one finds less than flattering. The appearance of drooping or stretched breast can occur in young, middle-aged and older individuals.

Yes, a breast reduction is considered a cosmetic surgery that removes and reshapes the existing breast tissue, fat and skin. But, let's go further into some of the reasons and remedies for this procedure. The most prevalent concern lies with larger breasted women who believe or have been advised by a medical professional of the back strain, tenderness, and breathing difficulty as a result of their very large breasts. And quite honestly, some larger breasted women elect to have the surgery in order to look and feel skinnier, to get into sizes that match the rest of their body (instead of a large top and medium bottom).

On the other hand, there are the men who have either gained a large amount of weight or who have always been husky and have dealt with the protruding and extended pectoral muscles that resemble that of women's breasts. For all of the above, one's breasts have taken on a sack like appearance: too much in the sack or fairly empty, either way it's not where they want to be. A breast enhancement specialist trained in the artistry of breast reduction is licensed and ready for your case in your town. Your chosen surgeon will thoroughly explain that there are at least five different variations on the procedure. He or she will describe what you can expect from your individual experience.

There are multiple techniques used to this day. Your selection may be based on your breast size or the scar that you are most comfortable with. First, the vertical incision will leave a scar around the areola and down the center of the breast. Second, the inferior pedicle technique will utilize the same incision as the vertical except there will be an additional cut at the natural fold of the breast. Third, the liposuction only technique causes the least amount of scaring to women with thick healthy skin and predominately fatty breasts. Forth is the free nipple graft technique that allows for women with extraordinarily large, long, dense breasts to receive a substantial reduction in tissue, fat, and skin as the nipple and areola are removed and relocated, in order to simulate a lifted effect as well.

As you have read, all of the above methods vary based on the weight, droop, and composition of the woman or man's breasts tissue and the scaring that he or she is comfortable with after recovery. Recover for the breast reduction procedure can take up to a year depending upon two factors: the technique used and the amount of breast removed. No matter what you choose, you'll be a lot lighter, slimmer, and walk a lot taller from here on out.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Breast Reduction For Medical Reasons Or Beauty

The most common motivation for breast reduction surgery in the United Kingdon is to alleviate back and shoulder problems, neck pain and a host of other health and emotional problems caused by overlarge or disproportionate breasts.

A difficulty in breathing and in sleeping comfortably, poor posture, and chronic rashes due to overlapping or drooping breasts are other uncomfortable disorders that can be minimized or eliminated with boob reduction procedures. Many women also suffer emotionally from poor self image and lack of confidence.

Women who have undergone drastic weight loss may also need boob reduction surgery to bring their breasts into harmony with their new body contours, and to correct overextended and drooping breasts.

Another reason for breast reduction surgery is to correct inborn asymmetry between the two breasts, or in conjunction with reconstructive breast surgery following mastectomy on one side. Reducing the remaining breast in order to achieve a balance between the two is often necessary, especially if the patient is overweight.

Men also frequently seek breast reduction to correct gynecomastia, or enlarged breasts. This is a condition affecting a large number of men that is generally due to an excess of glandular tissue or as a symptom of various other medical conditions.

For whatever reason, boob reduction procedures are now among the top six reconstructive operations performed, with over 100,000 breast reduction procedures performed in the U.S. in 2004, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. According to their statistics most women now seeking breast reductions are young and in otherwise good health.

In cases where the reason is to correct a significant disability or disorder, the reduction surgery may be covered entirely or in part by the patient's insurance carrier. This is an issue that should be discussed at the outset with your surgeon, as specific preoperative documentation may be required

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Breast Reduction Pills for Natural Breast Reduction

Many women are not satisfied with how their breasts look. Oversized breasts can be not only a cosmetic defect but it can also cause back and neck pain, rashes under the breasts and other discomfort. In addition, women who have too large breasts usually have trouble finding clothes they need or doing regular sports.

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Breast reduction procedure can help many of these women. However, it is a major plastic surgery that involves pain, long recovery period, possible risks and complications,
besides, the procedure cost is quite high.

Therefore, breast reduction pills might be a great option to many women, who are discouraged by plastic surgery.

Most breast reduction pills are herbal supplements, made all of natural ingredients. These active components influence fatty cells of the breasts. As an effect of this influence, fatty cells in the mammary gland or subcutaneous tissue of the breast are removed, and breasts become smaller.

Manufacturers claim that these pills start to work at the instance a woman starts taking them. Usually a woman has to take them until her breasts reach a desired size.

According to manufacturers, breast reduction pills are made with the help of the best scientists and nutritionists of the country. These pills are claimed to be 100 % effective. Some say that these herbal supplements can actually reduce the breasts by up to 50 %.

A woman, who starts taking breast reduction pills, has to take no more than one pill three times a day with each meal. Since these pills are made of herbs, they need to be washed with a large amount of water. Therefore, a woman needs to drink a large glass of water with each pill in order to achieve best results.

Although the drug starts working instantly, most women claim that they notice results first after a few months of use. Some say that desired results can be achieved after half a year of use. There is no evidence of side effects when using this product longer than 6 months. For best results a woman needs to use it longer.

Breast reduction pills are a good option for women who want their breasts become smaller. It is a relatively cheat, safe, and surgery free method for breast reduction . It has no side effects and provides permanent results, since once the desired size of the breasts is achieved, it will be like this forever.

Smaller Breasts Naturally

Our doctors and scientists have developed a powerful formula shown to reduce breast cup size naturally. We are proud to present Alexia, the only natural product designed to reduce breast size without surgery.

Now you can live with perfect firm breasts; escaping the stress and strain caused by large, sagging breasts.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Breast Reduction ? Risks and Supplements

Breast reduction has become one of the most common plastic or cosmetic surgeries today and is mostly done so that women can be confident and comfortable with their bodies and assets.

There are many things one should be aware of before taking a decision to go for breast reduction surgery. One of the biggest problems is to know the breast size in proportion to the body. A small reduction is known as a cosmetic surgery and one should know how many grams per side should be reduced. Talking about medical claims and insurance, they need to know the exact amount and size to qualify it for insurance.

Though complications may be rare, they may still occur and hence, one should watch out for infection, loss of breast, asymmetrical breast or loss of felling or sensitivity. There have been also cases where negligence and malpractices of the physician results in heavy damage for the patient.

The doctors sometimes remove more tissues than the pre-determined grams from each breast and mismatch the breast size.  There have also been cases of careless work where the sutures got separated after the surgery and became infected causing green discharge from the surgery site. Though the doctor may suggest that the patient's body is allergic to stitches and refuses to heal, it also includes the doctor's mistake. The patient may have to get treatment for staph infection which may develop after the surgery. Fat necrosis is a rare complication while the worst can be death. One should be aware and alert of all such risks before taking the breast reduction decision.

One should also be mentally and physically prepared before the surgery. One may experience anxiety or stress and but remembering the basic reasons for undergoing the surgery helps to reinforce the purpose of the surgery.

One can be physically prepared by being fit and doing cardio and increase the ability to heal faster.

Vitamins and herbs and online healthcare products can aid as supplements but one should consult the physician before any such intake. Though vitamin E helps in rebuilding the blood vessels and helps in healing, it also acts as an anti-coagulant which may run the risk of excessive bleeding. Though there are some vitamins which can be taken after discussing with the physician, like Vitamin C, Vitamin E 400 IU for reducing breast tenderness, Magnesium 400mg to reduce water retention, negative moods and pain, Vitamin B6 100mg to reduce irritability, fatigue and depression and Calcium 1000mg to reduce body aches and bloating.

One should take into consideration all the pros and cons before taking a decision for breast reduction surgery.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Male Breast Cancer & Breast Cancer In Men

Male breast cancer is a deadly disease that people need to be aware of. Breast Cancer effects not just females but males also. Most people don't know that the male breast cancer symptoms are very similar to that of females.

It does not happen as often to men. Male breast cancer statistics shows that it effects a very small amount of men. Male breast cancer pictures look just like pictures female breast cancer. Breast cancer awareness for men is very important. Male breast cancer treatment is available.

Prevention of male breast cancer is important. Organizations and foundations like HIS breast cancer awareness exists to help inform and educate about breast cancer in me.

You should talk to your doctor if you think you might have male breast cancer.

The breast cancer in men causes are not well known. It is important that you speak to them. Hopefully someday we can cure breast cancer.

There are numerous organizations and charities that are there to support awareness of breast cancer. Donating to those organizations can help them find a cure. Male breast cancer and breast cancer in general can be removed if caught early. It is important to be checked regularly.

A healthy life style with vitamins and nutrition may help prevent breast cancer in males. Certain gene mutations BRCA1 or BRCA2 can make you more likely to develop breast cancer.

Your doctor can check for this. HIS breast cancer awareness has more information on this topic as do most medical sites about breast cancer.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Breast Cancer 101

Breast cancer is considered as one of the most common tumor in women. It is also considered as the second leading cause of cancer death in the world. It was exceeded by lung cancer since 1985. One every eight woman with an age of 85 will surely develop breast cancer sometime in her life.

Breast cancer is a term for a kind of disease where abnormal cells divide inside the body uncontrollably. It invades nearby tissues and starts to spread the virus to other parts of the body through their blood stream or via lymphatic system. This disease is very common to women. Aside from being women, age is also considered as an important factor in the development of breast cancer.

The breast of a normal person is made up of different lobes and ducts. Each breast of a person consists of 15 to 20 sections which area called lobes. The smaller sections are called lobules.

These lobules end in dozens of tiny bulbs that can produce a lot of milk. The lobules, lobes and bulbs are connected by various thin tubes called ducts.

There are different classifications of breast cancer.

• Lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS)
• Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS)
• Recurrent breast cancer
• Inflammatory breast cancer

Among these classifications, the most common is ductal carcinoma that begins in the cells located in the ducts. Lobular carcinoma starts in the lobules or lobes. This kind of cancer is often found in both breasts than the other types of breast cancer. Recurrent breast cancer is the cancer that has come back after it was treated. The most uncommon of all the breast cancer types is the inflammatory breast cancer. It is identified when the breast became warm, red and swollen.

Breast cancer is a deadly disease if it will not be detected early.



Sunday, April 4, 2010

What is breast reduction surgery?

Most women are finding their breasts oversized and are seeking to reduce them by using breast reduction surgery. Oversized breasts are a condition that is medically known as breast hypertrophy.  This condition usually happens in both breasts and during puberty or soon afterward.

Moms also complain about enlarged breasts. This is because during pregnancy, breasts tend to over-enlarge, and then the enlargement continues. In some cases, breast enlargements happen suddenly. But such cases are quite rare.

Thanks to the advancement in medical science, doctors can now perform breast reduction surgery that is both safe and effective. It reduces the size of very large breasts and can also cure any physical discomfort associated with the weight and strain of large drooping breasts. This is actually a major concern for women. Breast reduction is not only performed as a cosmetic surgery that focuses on better appearance, but if the size of over-enlarged breasts are not reduced, it may lead to discomfort and various other medical complications as well.

So the surgery intends to make the breasts smaller while it improves their shape so they are in proportion to the rest of the body.

With enlarged breasts also comes in the extra layers of fat, tissue and skin. These extra surfaces are removed and the breasts are brought back to a more natural, comfortable position. The areola (the circle of dark skin around the nipple) can also be made smaller if needed.

Some women who have experienced breast over-enlargement also complain that the nipple and areola have also lost its original position. With breast reduction, the nipple and areoa are moved to a higher position as well.

The technical name used for this procedure is reduction mammaplasty.

Breast reduction surgery is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries practiced in America and side effects are least. This procedure is also among the highest patient satisfaction rate of any cosmetic procedure.

So how do you know if breast reduction is for you? There are quite a number of factors that determine candidacy for breast reduction. As this may vary from individual to individual, it is best that you consult an experienced surgeon, so that you may understand any implications if any. However, the best candidates for breast reduction surgery are mature women whose oversized breasts are actually leading to various health and medical problems, and interfere with their daily routine activities. In certain cases there are many women who cannot sleep well due to the enlargement. Such conditions will result with the patient being more self-conscious as well. So if you find yourself uncomfortable with such enlarged breasts, and it keeps you away from a healthier lifestyle, it is best that you consult a surgeon.

Although the side effects are at minimum for breast reduction surgery, as with any surgery, there are possibilities for complications. So make sure you go over all the details with your surgeon prior to considering such a treatment. We always recommend a board-certified plastic surgeon that can provide information that is specific to your body and health.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Potential Risks of Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction is a surgery that is performed to permanently reduce the size of a woman's breast. It is also called reduction mammoplasty. This procedure excises the fat, skin, and glandular tissue of the breast with the intention to reduce breast size.

Why would a woman want breast reduction? Overly large breasts can have many adverse effects on a woman, including but not limited to: chronic neck and back pain, emotional trauma, and physical limitations from participating in certain activities such as sports. However, the surgery does not come without some form of risk. This article will discuss a few of them.

Fat necrosis is more common in larger breast reduction procedures, but the risk is always present. It is described as the death of fat cells and can cause a lump or visible bump within the skin.

Permanent numbness is also a real risk when a woman undergoes breast reduction surgery.

Although it is a rare problem, it can occur in a small area of a single breast due to nerves being severed during the procedure.

Loss of blood supply to a nipple can cause its cells to die and the nipple will have to be removed. Although a rare problem, it is something that must be considered before a woman undergoes breast reduction surgery. Because of the risk of losing a nipple, most doctors highly recommend you undergo breast reduction only after you are done having children.

If a patient tries to return to work too early or perhaps engages in activity that wasn't recommended, such as exercise or heavy lifting, there is a chance of wound separation. If the incisions do pull apart, surgery is not required to repair them, although healing time is greatly increased.

Another rare possibility is a negative reaction to the anesthesia.

You can be tested prior to surgery to find out if you will have a negative reaction to the anesthesia. Speak with your doctor to learn more.

Some degree of permanent scarring is unavoidable. To minimize the risk of scarring, it is best to follow the surgeon's recommendations post surgery. Optimal healing conditions will minimize scarring. This will include plenty of water consumption and abstaining from smoking for at least several months after surgery.

The intention of this article is not to provide medical advice. Should you have questions regarding your health or questions about a potential plastic surgery procedure, you need to contact a board certified, licensed surgeon and schedule a consultation.