Sunday, June 26, 2011

Breast Reduction Makes You Feel Comfortable and Lighter

Back pain, neck pain, skin rashes under breasts, and chronic shoulder pain from bra strap indentations, poor posture, low self esteem and not being able to participate in some activities without discomfort: these are some of the reasons women elect to have "reduction mammaplasty", a surgical procedure which reduces the boob size.

It is a more common problem than one might think. Over 100,000 women elected to reduce the size of their breasts in the year 2006, according the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

While it can be done at any age, it is wise to wait until age twenty, when one is fully physically developed. At times, however, it is appropriate to perform the surgery in teens, especially if they are suffering emotionally from it.

The first thing a woman should do if considering this would be to schedule an appointment with a reputable plastic surgeon for their professional evaluation and advice.

What would this appointment entail? The physician would give a detailed description of the surgery, where scarring would occur, what type of anesthesia would be used, where the procedure would take place, as well as to discuss factors specific to each particular patient, including age, skin type, nipple and areola positioning and amount of tissue to be removed.

Some insurance companies cover this procedure, as it is not solely deemed cosmetic.

Many health concerns can be alleviated through the procedure, making it a medical necessity rather than merely cosmetic. It is important to check with your insurance provider prior to having the reduction surgery.

It is a good idea to have a list of questions to ask your prospective surgeon on your initial appointment.

You will also need to be prepared to give your family and medical history to insure proper care.

If you smoke cigarettes, now is a good time to give them up, at least for a while, because nicotine affects the speed of healing due to altering blood flow around the nipple.

There are a variety of techniques that doctors use, depending on the amount of tissue to be removed as well as patient and physician preference. The most common procedure is an incision around the areola that allows the removal of the excess fatty tissue.

On occasion, the nipple would need to be removed and repositioned at a higher and more aesthetically pleasing level. This is something to discuss during that first office visit, as well.

Certain risks should be acknowledged and thought about before the final decision to have reduction surgeries. They include possible loss of sensation around the nipples, inability to breast feed, some asymmetry in the two breasts.

But the benefits outweigh the risks. Freedom from chronic aches and pain, the ability to fit into clothes and bras with ease, improved self image: all of these are important outcomes. With reduction surgery, many women have gotten a new lease on life, feeling that the weight of the world has been lifted, literally, from their shoulders.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraing

Effective breast cancer fund raising requires that the volunteer be adequately informed of the importance of early detection and breast cancer research that will provide motivation, inspiration and commitment. It requires the ability to understand that “no” does not necessarily mean “never” and the determination to pursue as the cure is reason for the cause. Breast cancer affects everyone, someone’s mother or father, sister, friend, co-worker, or someone on the street. It takes money to eradicate this killer that is irrespective of persons; breast cancer is everyone’s disease. Many lives are lost because of a lack of information and early detection. Therefore, dedicated volunteers are needed to raise money so that every adult will perform monthly breast exams and a mammogram can be the difference between life and death.

The pink breast cancer pencils are a reminder that October is national breast cancer month and the familiar pink ribbons remind us that early detection saves lives.

This year 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer; 43,000 will die; 1,600 men will be diagnosed; 400 will die. Believe it or not, simple healthcare pencils and the pink breast cancer pencils can be used to raise money. These pencils are inexpensive, but supporters will pay 2.00 each because the money is going to pay for breast cancer research, education, or a mammogram for someone who may have felt a lump but cannot afford the life saving procedure.

Another successful fundraiser is a local celebrity auction. The committee should ask local celebrities, such as newscasters, sports figures, socialites, and local businesspersons to donate a day or evening to the cause.

Others can donate items or a business service such as a make-over, spa day, a limousine movie date with a bottle of Cristal’, a massage, manicure, pedicure, facial, tickets, or a local restaurant can be motivated to donate a meal. Artistic committee members create attractive gift baskets for the items, which are placed on decorated tables. Local restaurants can supply the dinner for the black- tie affair with volunteer entertainment. Opening bids should be designed in accordance with the financial objective. Guests will enjoy an, elegant evening in a beautiful setting while enjoying themselves. Small pink gift bags should be prepared for each guest that includes breast cancer literature, healthcare pencils and the familiar pink pencils as a parting gift of gratitude. The pink pencils will serve as a reminder to do the monthly self-exams and to be aware of the danger of breast cancer.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Tips and Techniques for Breast Reduction Easily

Patients who undergo breast reduction surgery often are looking for relief from physical symptoms such as pain from the excess weight of large breasts. Breast reduction usually solves these problems and improves the size and shape of your breasts. Following breast reduction surgery, your breasts will become proportional to the rest of your body and your clothes will fit better.

Certain resistance exercises can also help you to tone up and firm the breasts. One important yogasana to deal with this problem is the Paschimottanasan. The practice of this particular yogasana encounters a number of disorders and problems with the chest and abdomen. It also helps in making the spine more flexible and elastic in addition to stimulating the nervous system around the spine.

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Another particular useful yoga position known as the head stand or the Shirshasana is believed to be beneficial for the condition of reducing excessive weight around the chest.

In this particular yogasana, the individual has to stand on his head, as the flow of blood towards the head and to the heart by the force of gravity. For the benefits include deduction of congestion from the hands and feet and also the abdomen. In order to perform this particular yogasana, you will need to take the help of a qualified yoga instructor in performing it. The Shirshasana is an advanced form of yogasana, and if you have been performing yoga for the first time when you will certainly require a great deal of guidance. The Shirshasana involves a great deal of balance and steadiness.

Another important point to note is that the breasts are made of fat and has no muscles tissue. Hence any exercise to decrease our increase the size of the breasts actually works on the chest muscles that uphold the breast tissues. Most people are of the opinion that breast tissue can be stimulated or influenced with the help of exercise, which is not true. Hence concentrate on yogasana is that work on the upper back and chest muscles.

Prepare for Your Time Off

You want to come back to work after a breast reduction with the best possible situation. This means that you can take time to plan in advance and set yourself up to be successful. This may mean that you spend some extra hours at work for the few days or weeks leading up to your departure. If there are deadlines that need to be met while you are gone, getting them done in advance will give you a chance to completely relax and rest during your recovery time. It takes away the anxiety of what needs to be done and can keep you from heading back to the office early.

If you have a phone message or automatic reply on your email, set these things in advance. You don't have to let everyone know that you are having a breast reduction, but you do need to give them some idea of when you are going to be back. If there is someone else in the office that handles things while you are gone, be sure to leave their name and contact information.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Surgery And Exercise for Male Breast Reduction

When we talk about male breast development, remember that we are talking about a good percentage of men/boys out there who have gone through the torture of a physical feature not acceptable to the male body. As per some estimates, a huge number of men face the problem of breast development at some point of their life or the other.

Most of the boys when transcending the border of childhood to adolescence and later to manhood, see a considerable enlargement in their breast structure which usually subsides and transforms into well toned structure once the hormonal changes stop playing their game of imbalance and reach the right balance. There are still a good number who retain the breasts that cause a good share of embarrassment to such people. This problem is referred to as Gynecomastia.

Now, there are several cases in which the male breast reduction and Breast Implants takes place on its own as the condition develops due to hormonal imbalance and retracts when the hormones get back to normal constitution.

More often, people who actually develop male breasts try to hide it from others through heavy clothing and are filled with complex and have no idea as to how prevalent the problem is, and that the same can be taken care of by certain surgical procedures and also a set of exercises which claim to help in male breast reduction with regular practice.

Surgery: Before the era of liposuction came by, male breast reduction used to be performed through excision which involved removal of a small amount of tissue from under the areola region, but that did not help the person to a very good extent, especially those who had fat tissue spread over larger areas in the chest.

Arrival of liposuction, or removal of fat tissue through the suction method, has proved very beneficial in male breast reduction. A mass of tissue and fat is removed from under the breast to reshape the region in to normal male chest. The surgery usually requires small incisions along the borders of breast region that gets concealed in the folds of skin and not very visible after a few years of surgery.

Exercise: While many people to not agree to the aspect of exercising to reduce male breasts, some people vouch with the training and confirm to find drastic improvement with the high intensity interval training or HIIT. In these exercises high intensity workout is coupled with slow movement exercise with short intervals. For example a cardio exercise on a treadmill on 100 percent capacity is coupled with 30 seconds intervals of slow walking and again a round of treadmill.

Such a kind of workout has shown to be very effective by showing positive results in a matter of just a few weeks. The HIIT is said to have been designed in such a way that they help your body produce the male hormone that helps burn out the breast fat in a very short time and thus work to get the desired results.

So, surgery or exercise, choice is your’s when you set out for your male breast reduction or Breast Augmentation!