Friday, December 25, 2009

Fight Breast Cancer

Use a Support Group to Fight Breast Cancer

Finding out that you have cancer can be devastating. It can make you feel like your life is over. However, your life is far from over. You can still learn to enjoy your life even while you are coping with breast cancer. Fight cancer because you deserve a rich, meaningful life. You can turn the heartbreak of cancer into an opportunity to live life to the fullest.

Use your breast cancer as a chance to let other women know about the importance of mammograms. Women sometimes get so busy taking care of other people that they forget to take care of themselves. A mammogram can help your doctor determine if your have cancer about one to three years before a woman feels any lumps in her breast.

Having a support group will help you fight cancer. Develop friendships with other people who are fighting cancer.

Keep your family and friends close by. If you have an important event like a birthday be sure to celebrate it. Allow yourself to laugh, have fun, and enjoy the companionship of other people.

If you have a treatment that causes you to lose your hair, your support group will be there for you. Losing your hair can be a difficult experience and can affect your ego. A woman's hair is a large part of her identity. Overcome the grief that comes from losing your hair by having a hair shaving party. Invite your family and friends to support you. A sense of humor and a positive attitude go a long way towards helping you fight breast cancer.

Make use of an internet blog to share your feelings with others. Emotions tend to flow more freely when they are expressed in writing. When you write about your experiences, negative emotions flow out of you and into the computer.

This allows you to replace them with happier, more positive emotions.

Get involved in the community. Many cities offer a Race for the Cure where women get together to raise money for breast cancer awareness. Organize your own team of women to participate in the event. You will all get a great cardio vascular work out, the chance to understand that you are not alone, and the feeling of knowing that you are doing something worthwhile.

When you have cancer you will change your priorities. Understanding what is important to you gives you the strength to fight cancer and find purpose to your life.

In order to beat Cancer we have seen that following a Cancer Diet has been crucial for survivors. You can receive a free Breast Cancer diet consultation from the Breast Cancer Diet Guide.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Benefits of Smaller Breasts and Breast Reduction

Big breasted women are looking for the best ways to reduce their breast size because of the physical and emotional problems brought by excessively huge breast. They want to experience the benefits of smaller breasts and feel better.

Women with big breast maybe the fantasy of most men, but the problems brought by large breasts far outweigh its benefits. If you think big is better, think again because here are the benefits of smaller breasts:

You will be taken seriously. One problem of big breasted women is that they are often branded as sexy, flirt and easy to get. Big breasted women are easily judged and not taken seriously. Of course, one of the benefits of smaller breasts is that you do not have to go through this experience. You will be taken seriously and the attention will be focused on your personality and not on the size of your breasts.

You do not have to complain about shoulder and back pains.

One of the most important benefits of smaller breasts is that you are free from physical pains brought by heavy breasts. Your movements are not restricted and you can move freely without suffering from back and shoulder pains. You can run and participate in physical activities without worrying about breast pain.

You can wear anything you want. Big breasted women are limited to huge clothing; they need to wear dark colored shirts and avoid low cut blouses because of the size of their breast. One of the benefits of smaller breasts is that you can wear anything you want. You can easily find clothes that fit and you will look good on swimsuit and low cut blouses.

If you are one of those big breasted women, you do not have to suffer the discomforts of carrying big breasts because breast reduction is an option to make your life better.

The most important benefit of breast reduction is freedom from physical and emotional discomforts of carrying huge breasts. You do not have to get embarrassed with the unwanted attention and you do not have to feel unattractive.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Breast Reduction: Is It Covered By Insurance?

Cosmetic surgery has something to offer just about anyone who has a problem with the way they look. While many women are going in to see a surgeon to get implants, another portion of the female population is going to those same surgeons to get a breast reduction. Of course, there are reasons other than vanity to get this procedure.

A big chest can be a burden for many women. It can hamper exercise, make breaking difficult, cause lower back pain, and make it challenging to find clothes that fit well. Of course, as with any form of cosmetic surgery, breast reduction can be expensive. The good news is that it can sometimes be covered by health insurance.

If you're thinking about getting the procedure done and want to see about getting it covered by insurance, the best first stop is your family practitioner. Talk to him about the surgery and explain the types of problems you've been having that are leading you to consider this option. He will be able to advise you on the best course of action and may be able to refer you to a good doctor or clinic.

He may also be able to act as an advocate on your behalf, increasing the chances that your health insurance will pay for the operation. As long is there is a verifiable medical reason for you to have the surgery, there's little reason why insurance would be unwilling to cover it. These reasons could include back pain, poor posture, chest pain, or even spinal issues.

Another option you have is to simply call your insurance company yourself and ask them about their benefits as it pertains to breast reduction surgery. They will have concrete example of what they will and won't cover, and for what reasons, so you shouldn't have to worry about them playing games with you to try and talk you out of filing a claim. If they have a clause that covers the cost of the procedure for medical reasons, you then will simply need to provide them with documentation that you have the medical issues that would induce them to shell out the money.

Of course, the next step is to find a good surgeon who accepts your insurance plan. It will be in your benefit to choose a doctor who is in your insurance plan's network so as to further save out of pocket money on the cost of the procedure. The clinic or doctor's office will be well prepared to answer your questions, as they deal with the same questions on a daily basis. They will also know the kind of criteria and documentation the insurance companies are looking for to help them decide whether or not to cover the costs and will be able to provide the company with this information.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Benefit of guy breast reduction

His dilemma stated at puberty and it is believed he would outgrow the fatty tissues on his breast but he didn’t. Today, he is 40 7 with oversized chests. Men's breasts decrease is a medical surgical which improve in reducing this problem that may be result in by a lot of factors. And simply because doing so reduction aids in alleviating men with doing so class of issue extreme fats, a lot of men are going for doing so. In as much as there is a correction, increase of weight or hormone imbalances can result in a re-occurrence and there is additionally a tendency for individuals who are using steroid to build the outsized boobies after surgical procedure. There might be facet induce enjoy numbness that wouldn’t last lengthy after this surgical procedure.

 The variety of men who wants to lessen their excessive busts climbs every single year but not as the variety of women who are going for bosoms enlargement or decrease.

It is uncomfortable to see a man whose garments are not becoming also though it is a million greenback developer because of his breasts which is why a lot of men are preserving their body type shape through this procedure.
Tummy tuck doesn’t necessity many intro because it is one of the most popular skin care surgeries which are accomplished on earth. This is because of the reality which people often let their belly carelessly till it starts to protrude prefer a with child lady’s own. This is a significant issue for both the men and female who are having doing so issue of big stomach. It may be due to pregnancy, overweight or hereditary dilemma, occasionally, medical dilemma like the liver or kidney failure can result in these loose tissues approximately the stomach. The surgical treatment could possibly be a well-rounded abdomen or partial abdomen surgery referred to as apronectomy under the steering of standard anesthetic before the surgeon tightens the stomach.

Are you worned out of feeling sad regarding your busts? Do you think you necessity a better try of boobies than the one you are getting? It might be which these folks are sagging, oversized, little or not becoming and firm, what you need is a boob job. International students have many medical procedures that may take care of you. You simply go online and see what you are seeking for. The surgeries wouldn’t take the time. You may have it inside of few a lot and another day, you are going the normal business using pride.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Breast Reduction Surgery How And Why

The breast surgery is one of the common surgeries these days be it for any reason breast augmentation or breast surgery. Though most of the females go under the knife for breast augmentation, the breast reduction surgery is no less. This form of surgery is extremely popular among the women and certain men as well. There are many patients who are looking for the removal of excessive tissues in their chest that leads to a lot of discomforts. Beside, being the center of attraction for the on lookers there are many health issue related to this which includes the continuous chest pain and dissatisfaction with gynecomastia.

All those who are seeking for breast reduction surgery should consult an expert plastic surgeon in their area. The overabundance of breast tissue gives the body a poor posture and causes horrible back pain. Though some women may enjoy this, but a lot others try to keep their breast size in check by jogging in their neighborhood, working out in the gym or by doing small household chores. All these methods are quite tedious and generally dont give the desired output. For these patients the removal of excess fat tissue from the chest area would be the best option. This gives the patients an extra confidence as she has a proportionate body with a relieved back pain.

Though breast reduction is not that common among men as it is among women, still many men go through this surgery in order to be in shape and size. These are mainly those patients whose reason for the accumulation of excessive breast tissue is not related to the overall weight gain. Some hormonal conditions or certain medications may trigger these kinds of complications. As per the medical news, men normally undergo the surgery for their self esteem and self image rather than back pain as in case of most of the women.

The breast reduction surgery should only be done by the highly experienced board-certified plastic surgeons just to ensure that you are on the safe hands. Some of the side effects associated with this surgery include seroma formation, excessive bleeding, and negative reaction to anesthesia, asymmetry and irregularities. Dont hesitate in checking the credentials of the plastic surgeon that you want to consult. You might get trapped with most of the surgeons showing you the photos of before and after of the surgery. Its good if you talk to other patient who has gone through this procedure to ensure the credential of the surgeon.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Breast Reduction Tips and Tips to Reduce Breast Cup Size

Many may not know this but women with big breasts carry burden with them, on a literal note. Although big breasts are the object of desire of many men and are causing insecurity in many women, the women that actually have big breasts are having difficulties carrying the heavy weight of their breasts. Men that have breasts, on the other hand, carry a more metaphorical form of burden with psychological distress. Having man boobs can be depreciating to men with their high regard for their egos. Luckily for them, natural breast reduction methods are now available to help them deal with their big problems.

In women, large breasts actually cause physical distress because of one thing: they’re too heavy. Think of it this way. When we carry objects mechanically with our hands and arms, there’s only a maximum weight that we are capable of carrying.

Anything we carry that’s beyond this limit would cause us pain as the body’s way of letting us know that what we’re doing isn’t right. Having big breasts attached to your chest is like being forced to carry a weight that’s beyond what your body is capable of. This is why women that have them tend to have frequent pain in their backs, necks, and shoulders.

Since breasts are made up of adipose or fat, women can consume natural breast reduction pills that target these fat deposits and burn them for energy consumption. This is a great alternative method for surgical breast reduction as it uses natural herbal ingredients that are proven to be safe, risk-free, and very affordable.

Breasts aren’t the problem of women alone, but of men too. Men who are obese typically suffer the fate of developing ‘man boobs’ because of their unhealthy diets which resulted in the storage of fat in their chest areas. Taking herbal pills for natural male breast reduction is then an option for them, in the same way as it is for women.

In addition to herbal breast reduction pills, men and women could also perform natural breast reduction exercise to directly address their lifestyle issues which contributed to the accumulation of fat in their breasts. When used together with the pills, expect that the large breasts would easily mellow down to more humble sizes in no time.

After effectively undertaking natural breast reduction techniques, both men and women suffering from the consequences of large breasts would be relieved of their big problems. Men will feel more masculine in a way, relieving them of their insecurities, while women will no longer feel the bodily pain associated to having big breasts.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Solution To Capsular Contracture Offered By Breast Reduction Surgery

Solution to Capsular Contracture Offered By Breast Reduction Surgery

It is no wonder that these days plastic surgery has now become one of the most advanced medical surgeries globally. Usually known for abdominal corrections and breast augmentations, cosmetic surgery has come up with resolutions to several conditions, and so is the case of capsular contracture which is generally a condition requiring breast reduction surgery. This condition exists normally when the capsule surrounding the breasts reduces its size i.e. contracts tightening the space which results in misshaping of breast and physical pain.

Insurance coverage is available for capsular contractures surgical intervention since it is regarded as a health problem as opposed to cosmetic preoccupation. Nevertheless, each and every case is thoroughly evaluated and the eligibility of a patient is determined before performing a breast reduction surgery. Women with extra large breasts that prevent them from performing lot of physical activity that is healthy are also advised to undergo a breast reduction surgery.

It is purely a medical solution for several cases to make decision of a breast reduction surgery to be performed, however it is also a choice to those who usually want to eradicate discomfort or get rid of posture problems. Also women having large and disproportionate breasts also choose to undergo this surgery for their own personal reasons for more harmonic symmetry of their bodies. Given the fact that insurance coverage policies designed by several companies are not really transparent, one should carefully examine their budget before undergoing breast reduction surgery.

One most important factor to be considered is the choice of the plastic surgeon that would perform a breast reduction surgery. Since this is the most vital decision, it should be made sure that the chosen surgeon is certified by American Board of Plastic Surgery and is extensively experienced to perform a highly effective surgery on your body. The cosmetic surgeon must also be able to explain all the details of the procedure to the patient during the consultation which would clarify all the doubts of a patient and answer all his/her questions.

United States of America has majority of the most well known cosmetic surgeons in the world with extensive experience and good qualifications which would surely bring optimum results boosting the confidence of women. To make sure that you select the right surgeon for your needs, it is highly recommended to do an extensive research over the internet and read reviews about several doctors online. Also a word of advise from friends and relatives would certainly help.

Breast Reduction Surgery is undoubtedly the best surgery for women with heavy and extra large breasts to help them harmonize their bodies. More information on this form of surgery can be found at

Monday, November 2, 2009

Your Breast Reduction Overview

A breast reduction is a procedure that involves a reduction in the volume of the breast tissue and excess skins while also elevating the areola and nipple accordingly. Patients who seek this type of procedure generally hope to obtain a more comfortable bust size in order to gain added freedom while minimizing the discomfort caused by the excess weight. In this article, we will outline this procedure in hopes of providing insight to potential patients.

This procedure is one which is typically performed as an outpatient surgery under general anesthesia. The operation can take place in either a hospital, surgical suite, or in the physician's office, provided they have the necessary facilities.

The amount of tissue that will be removed will ultimately determine the extent of the scars. Traditionally, the procedure involves an incision around the areola, alongside a vertical incision that extends from the areola to a fold beneath the breast itself. However, today with the advent of newer techniques, there are a number of possible ways by which the procedure can be performed. As each individual has specific desires and goals pertaining to the surgery, it is safe to say that no operation is exactly the same. Such is why it is important for patients to fully understand and discuss their goals and options with their physician prior to operation day.

Post operation, a bra-type dressing will be applied to the bust, and patients will be afforded the ability to begin the recovery process in the clinic until a time that they are deemed ready for discharge. The recovery process is quite similar to that of other augmentation procedures, though there will always be specific guidelines pertaining to the patient at hand.

Candidates for this operation are those who are in general good health, have a positive self image, and have realistic expectations. Those who are considering future pregnancies may be advised to postpone the operation until a time when childbearing is completed. Pregnancy can effectively alter the appearance of the bust, causing a need for possible revision surgery.

If you are interested in learning more about your available options pertaining to this type of treatment, the best place to begin is by contacting a board certified plastic surgeon. He or she will best be able to evaluate your specific circumstances and recommend a plan of action accordingly. Make sure you are well informed as to the risks associated with the procedure in order to avoid any added complications down the road.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction though a part of cosmetic plastic surgery is not carried out for cosmetic improvements rather for physical relief. Some women go in for breast enlargement or breast augmentation to feel more confident of their body, whereas some women are painfully conscious of enormous breasts and find it embarrassing in public.

Large breasts could be hereditary or a medical condition, breast reduction surgery is also performed to correct asymmetry, sagging etc. Reduction in the weight and size of enormous breasts relieves the person of pain in the shoulders, neck and back. Too much of weight can also lead to skeletal deformation and breathing problems.

Surgery is generally not advised till the breasts are fully developed, teenagers who tend to think the large size is a big problem are told to wait till a mature age, as the body develops the size may not seem out of proportion and they may accept their body better.

The procedure of the surgery involves removal of fat, mammary gland, tissue and skin. It is more risky than breast enlargement, as we are not adding but removing natural tissues and muscles from the body. The major threat is the possibility of its interfering with breast feeding in the future, which is a major problem as it may hinder the natural responses of the body when the woman is pregnant or nursing. Another cause of concern is asymmetry in the twin assets, as the procedure also includes replacing the position of the nipples and areola.

Reduction of breasts requires an incision to be made in the centre of the breasts running down to the mammary crease, this leaves a visible and permanent scar which will remain for life. Internal bleeding from the wounds may also take place, which may need another corrective surgery.

Breast reduction may prove more appealing externally but the body would have to lose a lot literally and otherwise too.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Male Breast Reduction Improves Mental Health

Male breast reduction surgery can help a man with his physical appearance as well as improve his mental wellbeing. Female-like breasts on a male’s chest can cause embarrassment, shame, anxiety and depression. The scientific name for this condition is gynecomastia, a word that comes from the Greek language and is a combination of “gyne” and “mastos” which mean women and breasts.

Many wonder why this condition occurs in certain men and not others. There are various causes for gynecomastia, including one’s gene pool, the onset of puberty, obesity/excess fatty deposits which have landed in the chest region, the use of steroids, tumors, side effects of certain medications, imbalance of hormones and the use of cannabis products.

The emotional issues that arise when a male is stricken with gynecomastia can range from awkward to devastating. A man can begin to doubt his manhood, develop a poor self image, and become ashamed of his body.

He will likely be the target of locker room ridicule, name calling, and even become embarrassed to remove his shirt in front of others. This problem can hamper his social life and undermine his dating confidence.

Shame can be toxic to a person’s physical and emotional health. Anxiety and depression can result, creating an unfortunate atmosphere spilling into one’s life. A profound sadness, inability to sleep, and poor concentration are all possible ramifications that can occur.

There are different ways to achieve male breast reduction. If a man is overweight, a low fat diet and an exercise regime, including aerobics and muscle building, may cure the malady.

If this condition has occurred during puberty, time alone may cause the chest region to flatten out into a mature male appearance. During adolescence, hormones shift as the body is growing rapidly into adulthood. Once the hormones stabilize, this problem often disappears.

If drugs, illegal or given by prescription, are the culprit for the appearance of “man boobs” then discontinuing their use may reverse the problem. If the medication is necessary for one’s health, the person’s physician may be able to prescribe an alternative that has fewer side effects.

There are also surgical methods to alleviate gynecomastia. The technique known as liposuction is one possibility. Liposuction is a procedure performed by a cosmetic surgeon using a medical device called a cannula to suction away excess fatty deposits. A cannula is a slender tube that is inserted into the chest through tiny incisions.

Through this tube, the fat is vacuumed away. Another method is by surgically removing redundant skin and tissue then suturing the region closed. Sometimes both of these methods are combined. Once the male breast reduction has been completed, a compression garment will be worn to aid in the recovery process. As the chest region heals, the man’s emotional health usually improves, as well.

With male breast reduction, men with proportionately larger chest region can get rid of unwanted fat and tissues beneath breasts to get flatter and firmer ‘manly chest’. Know more about the procedure at

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Breast Cancer Alerts

Breast Cancer, also known as Malignant Breast Neoplasm, is caused from the inner lining of the breast tissues called milk ducts or lobules. Breast cancer which primarily originates from the milk ducts is known as ductal carcinomas. However, it can also instigate from the lobules, in those cases they are called lobular carcinomas. Mostly women aged above 45 years are victims of this dreadful disease. Although 100 times less, but men are also found to be victim of breast cancer.

With the rate at which the disease is increasing its prominence, it has become very important to spread awareness against this ailment. Breast cancer awareness programme have been initiated in different places with a motive to protect and create awareness about the disease amongst women. October is recognized as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month around the world.

Proper and immediate treatment, right after the disease is diagnosed is very important. There are several breast cancer treatment centers all over the world which are equipped to fight the ailment. The treatment for breast cancer is usually surgery along with radiation or chemotherapy. In some cases where breast cancer is due to hormones like estrogen or/and progesterone, the treatment is done by blocking off the effects of these hormones in the target tissue.

There are several symptoms that can be very useful for recognizing breast cancer but the most important breast cancer symptom is the feeling of a lump in the breast which is unusual from the rest of the part. This lump develops through several years and the time it is noticeable it has already grown to an alarming level. Other than lump there are other symptoms as well such as, change in the size of the breast, unusual change in the shape of the breast, nipple inversion, skin dimpling, or it may be single- nipple discharge. Lumps may also be found in the armpits which can be breast cancer.

There is different stage of breast cancer, from stage 0- 4. Stage 0 is known to be the pre-malignant disease or marker, whereas Stages 13 are described as 'early' cancer and possibly curable and stage- 4 is explained as 'metastatic' or advanced cancer and is incurable.

Proper awareness and breast cancer information is very essential to avoid the disease. To avoid breast cancer each of us should be alert and should know what the sign of breast cancer is to evade it. Each woman should actively enquire about the disease and should take part in different awareness programmes to eradicate it from the core. They should search the most important breast cancer site which has most relevant information and addresses of nearest treatment centre. Dont be shy- protect yourself against this adversary.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Breast Reduction Surgery: Determining If You Are A Candidate

Breast reduction surgery involves removing tissue from the chest and reducing cup size. Women choose to have the procedure done for a variety of reasons. These reasons can help you determine if you are a good candidate.

It doesn’t get as much play in the press, but breast reduction surgery is actually one of the most popular forms of plastic surgery. It can be done for cosmetic reasons, but most women use the surgery to correct issues they are having with their bodies. Physical issues such as back pain or general discomfort. There are several factors that go into determining if you are a candidate for the procedure. The best way to know for sure is to set up a consultation with a qualified surgeon and discuss your options with him. He will tell you whether or not you are a good candidate. Before doing so, however, you may wish to compare yourself with some other types of women who have elected to undergo the procedure.

Psychologically, candidates for breast reduction surgery should be mostly happy with their self image and not be the type of person who ties in a great deal of their self worth in their body.

This is true of any cosmetic procedure, but particularly for this one. Candidates should understand the purpose and scope of the procedure and have a good idea of what the end result will be. They should be prepared for a period of recovery. Typically, those who want to get the procedure are those whose larger chest size is causing them pain in the back and neck, those who have trouble breathing, and those whose posture is negatively affected by their larger bust size.

There are other problems that can be linked directly to having a chest that is too large.

These problems may also be corrected by having a breast reduction. Other types of these issues include having trouble sleeping due to the chest size making certain positions uncomfortable or impossible. Candidates also may complain that their chest size is preventing them from doing certain activities such as sports or exercise.

If you are experiencing a great deal of trouble finding clothes that fit and are comfortable and look nice, this could also mean you are a candidate for the procedure. Clothing is typically produced to fit the vast majority of the potential clientele. When an individual falls outside of that “average” spectrum, it can be a chore to find clothes. The sheer weight of the chest can cause irritation and pain from bra straps and can lead to chafing on the underside.

The most important aspect of determining if you’re a good candidate for breast reduction surgery is to see a qualified surgeon and discuss your problems. If you don’t have any obvious psychological hang-ups and don’t have unrealistic expectations, it is unlikely you will be turned away as long as you are in good health. Of primary importance is to find a good doctor and have a frank conversation with him about the possibilities.

Breast reduction can be a good choice for those who experience back pain and other ailments of having a large bust. For more information, visit

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Breast Reduction: How It Can Help

Hypertrophy is an umbrella medical term used to describe enlarged body tissues. Although this term can also be used to describe large breasts, gigantomastia is more commonly used to describe hypertrophy of the breasts. Gigantomastia is typically classified when each breast reaches a weight of 21 ounces. In these cases, the patient will probably experience back pain and discomfort from the extra weight. In extreme cases, each breast can weigh up to 20 pounds, causing extreme discomfort, and making wearing a bra impractical. This condition is most often associated with puberty or pregnancy during which the production of excess estrogen and progesterone hormones can cause rapid breast tissue growth. Fortunately, in these circumstances, the condition is self-correcting and there is no need for surgical intervention. Gynecomastia is used to describe large male breasts. This condition is also the result of hormonal changes in young men during puberty, and accounts for up to 65 percent of all male breast cases.

Breast reduction surgery requires a skilled surgeon who has mastered the several different incision techniques that will prevent scarring and nerve damage. Most plastic surgeons and patients prefer the pedicle technique. This involves making an anchor shaped incisions around the areola, which preserves the nipples, and allows for larger reductions. Once the excess tissue is removed, the nipple and areola are moved to a high position. The pedicle technique produces the best results because it reduces scarring, allows for a larger reduction, and preserves nipple sensitivity. Other techniques are best-suited for smaller reductions because they involve making smaller incisions. The liposuction-only breast reduction is one technique that uses a smaller incision. This technique is best for male patients because men will typically have less dense fatty breast tissue, and very little droop. Furthermore, a liposuction breast reduction requires less recovery time and very little scarring. In all cases, the procedure requires general anesthesia and a short recovery time. However, this can depend on the technique used to perform the breast reduction.

A breast reduction can be a little more complicated than an augmentation. The plastic surgeon must first determine how much fatty breast tissue can be removed, and then decide which incision technique is best for each procedure. This procedure also involves making some reconstructive efforts; after removing the excess breast tissue, the surgeon must then remove excess skin and avoid scarring. If done correctly, the results can be long-lasting, but the techniques and results will vary by patient and the surgeon's skill.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Reasons Why Women Decide to Have Breast Reduction Surgery

Not all women are happy with their huge breasts. There are many big breasted women who want to reduce the size of their breasts.  Breast reduction surgery is the common solution for women who want to make their breasts smaller. But why women decide to have breast reduction surgery?

There are many reasons why big breasted women want to make their breasts smaller and here are the major reasons:

To improve their appearance. Physical looks is important to most women and having big breasts can make their upper extremities out of proportion to their frame. The chest area is too big for their height and weight that it makes their appearance not so gorgeous. It can be very difficult to find the right size and styles of clothes. Enhancing the physical appearance is one of the reasons why women decide to have breast reduction surgery.

To be comfortable.

Carrying huge breasts can be very uncomfortable because it is accompanied by physical pain. Two huge heavy breasts can be a real burden to your neck, shoulder and back. Neck and back problems are the common problems of women leading to a number of back and spine medical issues.The heavy breasts will cause the bra straps to leave painful deep grooves or cuts on the shoulder. The unwanted attention and self-consciousness brought by carrying huge breasts can be very uncomfortable. So these are some of the reasons why women decide to have breast reduction surgery.

To have the freedom to be physically active. Carrying huge heavy breasts can put limitations to women when it comes to physical activities and those two huge breasts can also interfere with their daily activities. Too much movement can result to breast pain and to avoid the pain they are forced to live a sedentary life. One important reason why women decide to have breast reduction surgery is to have the freedom to be physically active.

Although it is important for women to get rid of the pain and discomfort of carrying huge breasts, is it really necessary to go under the knife? Are the reasons mentioned above why women decide to have breast reduction surgery enough for women to go through the risks of surgery? Is breast reduction surgery the only solution?

To help women reduce the size of their breasts without the risks of surgery, nutritionists together with medical scientists developed a unique herbal formula to attack the fatty cells in the mammary glands to reduce its size.

Now women have the option to reduce their breast size naturally. Reduce your breast size without surgery, visit Natural Breast Reduction Treatment

To know more about beauty and health remedies visit Health and Beauty Link

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Breast Reduction Surgery- Things To Consider

You may be a viable candidate for this procedure if your breasts are too big for your frame, you hate the size of your breasts, you have heavy breasts and nipples that point downward, one breast is larger than the other, or if you have pain because of your chest size. You may also be a viable candidate for the surgery if you are not able to do certain activities because of your large breasts.

If you want to reduce the size of your breasts, you need to meet with a skilled plastic surgeon who is board-certified. Your cosmetic surgeon will examine your chest, take your measurements and maybe even some photographs. The doctor will evaluate the quality of your skin, the shape and size of your breasts, and the placement of your nipples. The surgeon will also take your medical history, so make sure you are honest with him. Let the doctor know if you have any drug allergies or health conditions and tell him about the medications you are taking.

Bear in mind that insurance may cover the cost of your breast reduction surgery. Several factors determine if you qualify, including the terms of your policy and the amount of breast tissue that needs to be removed. Contact your insurance company to find out if you qualify.

Should I be worried about complications? Every year, hundreds of thousands of women undergo breast reduction surgery, experience no serious problems, and are pleased with the outcome. However, if you are considering surgery, you should be aware of the benefits and risks. The risks that are associated with this procedure include bleeding, reactions to anesthesia, infection, asymmetry, breastfeeding problems, fat necrosis, dissatisfaction with breast size, pain, permanent numbness, slow healing, and others. You can lessen some of the risks by following your surgeon's instructions and advice before and after surgery.

Before you undergo breast reduction surgery, your surgeon may recommend that you get a mammogram. Fortunately, the surgery does not increase the risks of developing breast cancer. If you smoke, you will be asked to quit in advance. You should not smoke two weeks before and after the surgery. You should also avoid taking certain anti-inflammatory drugs and aspirin before surgery because they can cause increased bleeding.

Where will the surgery be performed? The breast reduction surgery may take place in an outpatient or inpatient basis. If you stay in a surgical facility or hospital, you may be required to stay for the night. Whether the doctor releases you on the day of your surgery or the next day, you will need to find someone who can drive you home and stay with you for a few days. With that said, you should meet with an experienced plastic surgeon soon to discuss the procedure and your expectations.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Breast Cancer's Symptoms, breast mass

Breast cancer doesn't usually cause hurt or pain to people in the first stages when they have this type of cancer. When the disease first develops, there may be no symptoms at all. But as the cancer advances some of the following symptoms may become apparent. If these symptoms are observed then the individual should consult her physician who would then carry out tests to find out for sure if the individual does have breast cancer or not.

. Change in shape and size of the breast.

. Lump or mass present in the armpit.

. Presence of a breast mass or breast lump, on examination, which is generally painless, has no regular borders and is firm to hard to the touch.

. A nipple discharge which is abnormal in that it is usually green, bloody or clear to yellow fluid or may look like pus.

. A change in appearance or any sensation of the nipple, that is, if there is any itching, any enlargement or the nipple is retracted.


Enlargement, pain in the breast, or any discomfort on only one side.

. Change in the feel or color of the skin of the nipple, or areola or the breast itself, that is, a redness, veins on breast surface are accentuated, scaly; dimpled or puckered and a retracted appearance.

. Some symptoms of an advanced case of the disease are weight loss, bone pain, skin ulceration and swelling of one arm.

Of the above-mentioned symptoms there are some that most women are not aware of that are actually symptoms of breast cancer. They are:

. An itchy breast

. A breast that constantly feels warm or hot to the touch - This is a symptom of the rare and dangerous breast cancer known as inflammatory breast cancer.


A flat or an inverted nipple - Sometimes individuals have an inverted nipple from birth, this does not count as a symptom.

. The skin is dimpled around the breast or has the appearance of an orange peel - Most individuals feel embarrassed about this condition to show it to a physician. Most women think it is cellulite, which is not the case.

. A constant swollen and tender breast and/or a sudden increase in breast size - Women should consult their physician if they notice a sudden increase in breast size and also if there is constant swelling and tenderness in the breast other than when a woman is menstruating as it is fairly common for a woman's breast to get swollen and feel tender during her period.

. Breast is red - This is often a symptom of inflammatory breast cancer, which usually can go undetected by self-breast examination and mammogram.

Some common symptoms of breast cancer in men:

Even though breast cancer is more common amongst women, men too can get breast cancer. It is estimated that over 1600 men in the United States alone get breast cancer each year. Some symptoms of breast cancer in men include:

. Swelling in breast, chest wall or nipple

. A lump

. A discharge from the nipple

. Inversion of the nipple, that is, the nipple turns inward

. Dimpling or puckering of the skin of the breast

. The skin of the breast or the nipple has a reddish appearance or it has a very scaly and dry appearance.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Breast Reduction - Shopping For A New Look

If you are planning on undergoing a breast reduction, you may find yourself out on several different shopping excursions over the next couple of week. Be sure to plan out what you are going to need, what you are planning to save and what is going to be worn in the interim.

Before the Surgery

You know that the way you look is going to change after breast reduction surgery, but you may not have an exact idea of what you are going to look like and how your clothes are going to fit. In other words, this is not the time to take off on a shopping spree. It is always a better idea to see the full results and then take the time to have a great time enjoying your new figure.

However, when you do come home, you are going to need a few things. Take the time to ask your doctor what type of support garments you will need in order to be comfortable immediately following the procedure. Most doctors recommend some type of support bra (looks like a sports bra) with a way to open it up from the front for ease of care when it comes to bandages.

Immediately After Surgery

Hopefully, after breast reduction surgery, you will be recovering peacefully at home. You are going to have some time that you just need to rest and there is no reason to go out shopping just yet. Wear some of the clothes that you already own as these may fit a little looser and be comfortable to wear. Besides the support garment, there is no need to wear any tight clothing.

After Recovery

When everything is complete and the swelling from the breast reduction has gone, it is time to go shopping. Before heading out the door, take the time to try on some of the clothes that you already own. You may find that you want to keep some of them as they now fit better and you may be more comfortable wearing them.

You will need to purchase new bras. Be sure to take the time to go in for a proper bra fitting. Now that you have made a change, take advantage of the lack of weight and pressure on your shoulders and back by buying something that supports you well. You can find a bra-fitting expert at many of the local department stores or a specialty store in your area.

Splurge A Little

Chances are, you are looking and feeling great. Take advantage of this feeling by purchasing items of clothing that accentuate your new look. Take the time to feel good about yourself and confident with your decision to undergo breast reduction surgery. In the same way, you may want to try activities that you may have avoided in the past. This type of procedure gives you a chance to try new things and reinvent yourself. Enjoy the choice that you have made.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Could Breast Reduction Be Suitable For You?

Breast reduction is a type of plastic surgery procedure whereby the size of the breasts is decreased. This treatment option is well suited to women who feel that they are top heavy and that their ample bosom is out of proportion with the lower half of their bodies. A breast reduction is also an option to consider for patients who experience physical problems such as back pain, neck pain or pain in their shoulders due to the weight of their chests.

Breasts that are oversized develop naturally in some females during or after puberty. Some women (especially those who are already big busted) will find that following pregnancy their breasts remain large and do not go back to the size they were before they got pregnant.

Having an oversized chest can not only cause physical discomfort, but it can also negatively impact the individual's way of life. It can make it difficult to exercise or to find a comfortable position to sleep in. It can also make it difficult to find proper fitting clothing. Many ladies also find that their big chests draw unwanted attention in their direction.

Breast reduction surgery performed by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon is the way to go if you are one of these women. The surgery will improve the contours of the upper region of your body and will allow you to feel better about the way you look. When you look in the mirror following the treatment, you will no longer look as if you are too heavy on the top!

If your breasts are not the same size, then the asymmetry problem can be addressed by the cosmetic surgeon as well. The physician who performs the operation on you will be able to modify both the shape of your bosom as well as how firm it is. Many patients who feel that their nipples are too large undergo nipple surgery at the same time that the reduction is done. If this is something that you feel you would like to do, then make sure you discuss it with the surgeon at your consultation and subsequent appointments.

In most instances a reduction operation is performed using general anesthesia. This means that the patient is unconscious during the operation. The procedure can take place in a hospital, in the plastic surgeon's office or at an outpatient surgical suite. Before the surgery gets underway, the doctor will make markings on the chest of the patient. The patient will be asked to sit in an upright position. The doctor will then draw the markings in strategic areas that are relevant for the surgery. This outline acts as a guide to the physician of where the incisions should go.

The incisions will then be made where the markings were drawn on the body. They generally look like an anchor shape. The flaps of skin are created as a result of the markings. From there the doctor can proceed with the breast reduction operation. During such time skin, excess fat and glandular tissue will be taken from the chest area. The nipples may need to be placed in a new position once the reduction has been completed.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Breast Reduction "?"

Breast reduction procedure involves reducing the amount of breast tissue whilst uplifting the breast tissue at the same time. In order to achieve the desired outcome the Cosmetic Surgeon will reposition the nipple and areola to give the breasts a natural appearance. Breast reduction surgery takes up to three hours to complete, depending on the size of your breasts. The operation is carried out under general anesthetic, and you will need to stay in hospital for 1 or 2 nights.
It is one of the good options for those women, whose breast is so large for their body frames causing ongoing health problems such as chronic back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain.
Its not necessary that it doesnt include any complications. It too has some sort of complications but precautions and proper measure should be taken in order to avail the best put of this surgery.
Breast reduction procedure involves reducing the amount of breast tissue whilst uplifting the breast tissue at the same time.
The goal of breast reduction is to give women smaller, shapelier breasts in proportion to the rest of her body. It is a helpful surgery that will give you the desired shape to your breast according to your desire. Breast reduction is a treatment option for women who are interested in scaling down the size of their bust.
Mr Ho-Asjoe specializes in Plastic, Cosmetic and Aesthetic surgery, as well as Reconstructive surgery. He is a full member of the Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) and the Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) and his special interests include microsurgical breast reconstruction, aesthetic surgery, lower limb trauma, and Asian aesthetics.
London plastic surgery clinic can assist you and provide you with the best surgical procedure that too under the guidance of expert surgeons.
It consists of the dedicated team of expert surgeons. London plastic surgery clinic listens to the patients concerns closely and explores their ideas. The surgeons at London plastic surgery clinic who have years of experience and have performed a number of breast procedures with excellent results, they're ready to help the patient achieve the look that's just the right fit.
London plastic surgery is constantly aiming at providing the best surgical treatment to their patients that too in an affordable budget.

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Male Breast Reduction And Face Treatment For Making Yourself Attractive

We characterize human beings by their intelligence but there are people who feel that looks are also important. Good looks not only mean an attractive body or face but a healthy and problem free body too. Men should not have breast because it is not natural. Male breast is a result of fat accumulation in the chest region. As it is a problem, it can be solved through some basic exercises.

Minimizing fat from the chest region of men has some effective but simple exercises like Jumping jacks and push-ups. Jumping jacks can be performed with help of gym machines like that one would even find in school gyms. Push-ups are the best for reduction of male breast but it leads to increase in weight at first. It should not be a matter of worry then as the chest muscles will later became stiff by losing the excess fat. Push-ups are so worthy that it also helps in strengthening muscles of the arms, belly region and wrist. Male breast of some reach such dangerous heights that they have to take up the option of surgery. Surgery should be the last option as it is quite complicated and attaches operation near the heart, which is quite dangerous. Surgery has many side effects that create complications in the end.

Getting a better chest is not all for getting a good look. The part of the body someone would first see is the face. Therefore, if the face is not good looking in that case the impression on others will not be quite powerful. Face has many reasons for not seeming nice. Firstly, there can be ample number of acnes. Secondly, the skin of the face may be tanned. These problems can be solved through face treatment. It involves using of different types of creams, face powders, etc.

Using fairness creams can be helpful as it makes the skin fairer and brings a glow on the face. Washing the face daily with face washes forms a good way of face treatment. It does not allow the pimples, black heads, acnes, etc to appear on the face. Using moisturizer for dry skins helps the face to remain wet and does not allow cracking of the skin because of dryness. It also helps to keep the skin younger until an old age as wrinkles do not appear easily. The face treatment should also include using of sunscreen cream. It helps the skin by not allowing it to be tanned.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Breast Reduction and Perfect Natural Breast Reduction Treatment

Of all plastic surgery procedures, breast reduction results in the quickest body-image changes! The procedure has extremely gratifying results and gives a woman relief from back, neck and shoulder pain, caused by heavy & pendulous breasts.

The procedure also helps making the breasts lighter and firmer, thus boosting the self esteem & confidence of a woman & giving her relief from feelings of self-consciousness and embarrassment.

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Women who have undergone breast reduction surgery often proclaim "I wish I had done this sooner!"

The procedure involves removal of breast tissue and skin to decrease the size of the breast. The breasts are re-shaped to make them smaller. The nipple may also need to be repositioned so it is in line with the middle of the upper arm.

Although women with small breasts may envy those with large ones, enlarged breasts (macromastia) can be a source of discomfort.

Their excessive weight can cause back pain and neck pain, eventually lead to skeletal deformities or breathing problems, and result in bra straps leaving painful indentations on shoulders.

Their size can cause skin irritations, as clothing is stretched to the limit and rubbed against the upper body.

They make it almost impossible to lie or sleep on one's stomach.

Breast Reduction Tips

Full breast reduction is also known as keyhole reduction, anchor incision reduction or wise pattern reduction.

This operation uses 3 separate, but joined incisions to remove interior breast fat and glandular tissue, as well as surgically place the nipple in a higher and more aesthetically pleasing location on the breast mound. The surgery utilize a periareolar incision

Vitamin D3 is available through diet, supplements and exposure to sunlight, or ultraviolet B (UVB) as long as the skin does not tan or burn.

In a white woman, it will only take 10 minutes at noontime on a clear day, with 50 per cent skin exposure, to absorb adequate vitamin D. Darker skin will require up to 25 minutes.

There is no reason to stay indoors all summer, hiding your body from the world. Gynecomastia can be corrected, giving you the flat, chiseled chest you have always wanted.

Natural Breast Reduction Treatment

Smaller breasts are less damaging to the body in regards to stress and strain and they allow for a better overall look for the individual in question as well.

Should your oversized breasts be an actual issue for you there are several methods of reduction: Those methods are surgery, medical treatments, and natural remedies.

The surgical treatments are extremely invasive and very costly experiences financially.

There will be minor scarring and most people cannot afford the procedure unless it is vital for their health. The medical and surgical treatments come with associated risks and side effects as well.

The best method to try is one of the modern herb-logical supplements which have had a lot of success in this area.

Excessive breast size can reduce the quality of your life. The unwanted size of a woman's breast may result in too much self-consciousnessness and depression.

Unwanted and nasty comments about your over-sized breasts is hard to accept and can affect your self-esteem. You will also find it hard to find comfortable and attractive clothes to wear.

Your physical appearance and grooming are greatly affected. You also suffer from neck, shoulder and back pains carrying large breasts.

Breast reduction surgery may relieve some of the symptoms mentioned above but there are always risks in surgeries and it is a good option to try natural breast reduction treatment first which is safer and no side effects.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast cancer can be treated in many different ways. Each treatment method will work best for different individuals. Some people see best results from a combination of different treatments. It is best to consult with your doctor about which treatment method is right for you. However, it is a good idea to know a little about each of the most common treatment types before consulting with a doctor. This way you can make the most informed decision.

Surgery is almost always used to help fight cancer. Surgery is usually the first step in fighting cancer. The cancer is removed, and the breast is reconstructed. There are several different types of surgery. The mastectomy removes the whole breast. The lumpectomy removes the cancer tumor and a little of the surrounding tissue. A axillary lymph node dissection is often used when the cancer has spread past the milk ducts in the breast.

It can be used in conjunction with the other forms of surgery.

Chemotherapy is another common form of breast cancer treatment. After the cancer has been removed the drugs are placed into the blood stream. The drugs kill any rapidly reproducing cells. Since cancer reproduces very quickly, this is an effective way to remove all cancer from the entire body. However, there are serious side effects to this treatment as well such as hair loss, nausea, and weakness.

Radiation Therapy
Radiation therapy sends targeted radiation to the area affected by the cancer. The radiation helps kill any lingering cancer cells that might exist. Radiation treatments are usually prescribed for women who have stage 0 through stage III form of cancer. It is not used as much for higher levels of cancer because it is a system designed to target small areas of the body.

Hormonal Therapy
Hormonal therapy is used for hormone positive forms of breast cancer. The hormone therapy blocks the production of estrogen in the body which can shrink hormone positive breast cancers. This form of treatment is rarer than the others because hormone positive breast cancer is not as common.

Complementary and Holistic Medicine
Complementary and holistic medicine is often used in conjunction with other treatments. Usually these kinds of medicines help ease side effects, improve the quality of life of the patient, and help soothe symptoms. Treatments often include improved diet, exercise, and herbs. Rarely is holistic medicine used completely to heal cancer, although some people believe that it can. It is best to talk to your doctor before starting any holistic therapies.

The most important natural treatment for cancer is one's diet. Eating glucose rich foods feeds your cancer cells and cutting off their food supply can help kill your cancer cells. Many survivors have benefitted from the Breast Cancer Diet

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Breast Reduction - Get to Know the Facts

Many women spend their whole lives wishing they were better endowed. Having a large chest is particularly sought after in the entertainment industry, which makes many young women seek breast enhancements.

However, few people know about the harmful effects of having a very large chest. The very reason breast reductions are usually covered under most health insurance policies is because of the negative impact an overly large chest can have on a woman's life.

One of the most pressing issues has to do with self-esteem, which relates to appearance. Most women assume that if they had larger breasts, they would be more appealing, but they have no idea how much unwanted attention naturally endowed women face. This is especially true when women develop early, as they do not know how to react to the attention from men.

Despite the world's apparent obsession with large bosoms, many clothes, including bras, do not come in larger sizes to accommodate well endowed women.

Another concern is comfort.

Women with large chests typically have back problems just after walking, let alone after running. Some bras are so ill-fitting that they dig into the woman's ribcage or shoulders, leaving indentations and bruises on her skin. Such issues are not only uncomfortable, but can also be dangerous long-term, as they can affect a woman's posture.

The surgery to decrease breast size, also known as reduction mammoplasty, typically takes three to five hours, and can be performed in a hospital while the woman is put under general anesthesia. There is usually some pain or discomfort for about a week after the surgery, which is typically followed by bruising for a few weeks.

Breast reduction patients are advised to simply take pain reliever during this time, while making sure the chest is always supported and strenuous activity is avoided for up to a month afterwards.

According to most doctors, some scarring after the surgery is unavoidable.

Luckily, most of it is easily covered by bathing suits and regular clothes. Other risks include loss of nipple sensitivity, possible inability to breastfeed, and asymmetrical breasts.

Also, not every insurance policy is guaranteed to cover the costs. Typically it must be proven that the breast reduction is medically necessary, not just for cosmetic reasons. For this reason, doctors usually take photographs during the consultation visit and send them to the insurance company to show that the patient's chest size interferes with her quality of life.

While most of the side effects discussed here are common, they don't necessarily happen to every patient. Reduction surgery might not be a walk in the park, but the majority of women who have gone through with it have been happy with their results.