Saturday, January 23, 2010

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Prognosis

But many people today are unsure as to what would constitute a good diet that would help in this fight.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Prognosis

Firstly, antioxidant-rich food should be in your diet. The good news is, it probably already is. Foods which are antioxidant-rich include: blueberries, squash and especially tomatoes as these in particular also help men in defense of prostate cancer.

Vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage are good as well. These are known as leafy greens and aid in production of chlorophyll. You should also considered supplementing your diet with vitamins such as B, C and calcium. A multivitamin will take care of this need.

Omega-3 fatty acids are recommended as well.

These can be found in fish such as salmon and tuna and most recently in specially developed eggs. For sources of protein, red meat can be used in moderation as too much leads to complications with the heart. Other sources of protein include tofu and soy as well as the fish listed above. Two servings of fish a day are a general recommendation. Fish oils high in Omega-3 are also becoming popular as they have been proven to be effective against tumor growth and can make a patient more receptive to radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

The key is to design a diet based on your needs and wants and to have everything in moderation. A healthy diet does not mean the complete absence of junk food, it just means that you decrease your intake. This is one part of the holistic approach to breast cancer treatment and prevention.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Los Angeles Breast Reduction For Women And Men

For women with large breasts, Los Angeles breast reduction is a boon. How it frees you from the discomfort and awkward situations! The process is actually a plastic surgery. The surgeon removes tissues from your chest, which lead to lighter breasts.

Choosing surgery for breast reduction is a big decision. You must know the pros and cons before going under the knife.


For large-breasted women, breast reduction surgery gives them more manageable breasts. You can also bid goodbye to unnecessary back pain (which happens due to weight of your breasts), stretched skin, and rashes under the breast area.

The good news is that after a successful breast surgery, you can wear your favorite clothes and those body-hugging blouses with ease.

Ah! The most important thing - you stop getting undue attention from men!

How it increases your self-esteem!

For men with prominent breasts (known as gynecomastia in medical terms), Los Angeles breast reduction is a savior! Having breasts like ladies can be quite embarrassing.

You might feel awkward going to beaches bare-chested. In fact, this condition is worse than a beer belly! Nowadays, a large number of men with this medical condition are choosing breast reduction surgery and getting their self-esteem back.

Another good thing about this surgery is that you get immediate results. This does not happen with exercise regimes or pills. Also, recovery is fast and you can live a normal life once again within a week or so.


Just as every coin has two sides, Los Angeles breast reduction surgery has pros as well as cons.

First, the surgery is complex. So, make sure you choose the best surgeons in town.

Although the surgery takes less time, the recovery period demands great care. If you are lax, the scars may not heal properly. This means you need to take leave from your workplace for a few days and should be ready for a resting period.

Like any surgery, this procedure also comes with its set of risks. But, if you follow your surgeon's guidelines like Bible, you shouldn't have complications. Remember to discuss about your present health status, medical history, and about the complications involved in Los Angeles breast reduction surgery.

Some women might find it difficult to breastfeed after undergoing this surgery. You must consult your doctor about this.

Cost is another not-so-pleasant thing about this breast surgery. Be ready to shell out a few thousand dollars for reducing your breasts. Although the affluent might not make a great deal about it, for an average housewife with voluptuous breasts, this can be a reason to give this surgery a second thought. But, the good news is that you can get some financing. Certain insurance companies even cover the cost of this surgery! So, if you're determined to slim your chest, nothing can stop you!

Always consult your physician before deciding for Los Angeles breast reduction surgery. Every individual has a unique body structure and response level to various medications and surgeries. Only a good surgeon can give you the right advice.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Benefits Of Breast Reduction Surgery


Breast reduction provides a number of benefits to women. One is to enhance self-image. If a woman has a larger than normal breast size or uneven breasts, the natural tendency is to feel insecurity. Other people may not notice the problem. But the sufferer usually feels bothered by it. Adolescent girls who have low self-esteem will feel severely self-conscious due to their condition. Breast reduction surgery can help solve this problem.

The problem goes beyond self-image as most women with larger breasts often feel physical and emotional difficulties as well. This can even lead to illnesses in the long term, if the condition is not corrected.

Women, whose breasts are larger than normal, may experience physical discomforts such as neck pains, back aches and shoulder aches because of the extra weight they carry. Abnormally large breasts may also cause the woman to have poor posture. Being top heavy will make her hunch forward. Most women with oversized breasts will also develop rashes under their breasts.

Women may also develop emotional problems due to the abnormal breasts size. Poor self-image and depression are likely to happen. Difficulties in finding clothes that fit them will also cause some annoyance. Big breasts may prevent you to do some tasks such as jumping or swimming. Consequently, self-confidence of the woman will suffer.

Breast reduction can greatly alleviate all these inconveniences caused by oversized breasts. After reduction mamaplasty, the patient will see marked changes on her breasts. The size of the breasts, of course, will be reduced. They also will look firmer and shaped better than before.

Since the excess weight is eliminated, back, shoulder and neck pains are also eradicated. This will give the person relief from the pain and extra weight. Rashes due to skin irritation under the breasts will be curbed. The indentation marks of the bra straps on the shoulders will also be eliminated.

The woman may also experience some breathing problems due to the abnormally large breasts. The breast reduction surgery can effectively get rid of this problem. If the other breast undergoes breast reconstruction, the reduced breast will be shaped like the reconstructed breast.

Difficulties in movement such as swimming or running are also minimized or totally eradicated after the breast reduction procedure. Consequently, the woman feels freer in her movements. The oversized breasts will no longer limit her, thus allow her to handle tasks which she found hard to accomplish before.

Perhaps the most welcome results are in the psychological or emotional aspects of the woman. The woman who undergoes breast reduction will often feel more confident of herself. She will also have a more positive self-image. With higher self-confidence and greater self-esteem, she will develop a more positive outlook and depression will be a thing in the past.



Saturday, January 2, 2010

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Knowing your body well will help you know normal changes and one that need medical attention.Having regular check up give you great defense against diseases.

Following are some symptoms to look for:

==>Unfamiliar pain in the breast or in the armpit-unusual in sense that pain is different from how how you feel when you have monthly periods,also if it u feel it in one or both breasts.If it is not caused by hormonal changes or just in one breast or armpit.go to the doctor and be checked out.

==>A lump or a tumor in the breast or in the armpit-Sometimes is caused by hormonal changes but if it persist,don't wait before it is too late .Go for screening and know the cause of swelling.

==>A change in size or shape of the mature breast-If you notice any changes in a mature breast more if it's occurring on one breast only.That is a cause for alarm to seek health professional for breast examination.

==>Fluid other than milk leaking from the nipple-on you menopause you may experience non-blood leakage from nipples of both breast due to hormonal changes,but if it occur on one breast only,then you need medical attention.

==>Change in size of the nipple-when your body weight change it is natural for nipple to change it's size too.But if it retracts in and doesn't return to its normal shape, seek help from your doctor for a manual exam.

If there is a problem below the surface of the nipple then having a diagnostic mammogram or ultrasound may be the best option.

==>Changes of color, shape or texture of the nipple -If you notice puckers, a rash on the nipple skin or darker skin that around the nipple.If after using some cream still doesn't help,then don't waste more time consult doctor when still in curable stage.

However know that breast implants, usage of antiperspirants, and wearing under wire bras do not raise your risk for breast cancer. There is no proven evidence yet to link breast cancer and abortion.