Saturday, October 24, 2009

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction though a part of cosmetic plastic surgery is not carried out for cosmetic improvements rather for physical relief. Some women go in for breast enlargement or breast augmentation to feel more confident of their body, whereas some women are painfully conscious of enormous breasts and find it embarrassing in public.

Large breasts could be hereditary or a medical condition, breast reduction surgery is also performed to correct asymmetry, sagging etc. Reduction in the weight and size of enormous breasts relieves the person of pain in the shoulders, neck and back. Too much of weight can also lead to skeletal deformation and breathing problems.

Surgery is generally not advised till the breasts are fully developed, teenagers who tend to think the large size is a big problem are told to wait till a mature age, as the body develops the size may not seem out of proportion and they may accept their body better.

The procedure of the surgery involves removal of fat, mammary gland, tissue and skin. It is more risky than breast enlargement, as we are not adding but removing natural tissues and muscles from the body. The major threat is the possibility of its interfering with breast feeding in the future, which is a major problem as it may hinder the natural responses of the body when the woman is pregnant or nursing. Another cause of concern is asymmetry in the twin assets, as the procedure also includes replacing the position of the nipples and areola.

Reduction of breasts requires an incision to be made in the centre of the breasts running down to the mammary crease, this leaves a visible and permanent scar which will remain for life. Internal bleeding from the wounds may also take place, which may need another corrective surgery.

Breast reduction may prove more appealing externally but the body would have to lose a lot literally and otherwise too.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Male Breast Reduction Improves Mental Health

Male breast reduction surgery can help a man with his physical appearance as well as improve his mental wellbeing. Female-like breasts on a male’s chest can cause embarrassment, shame, anxiety and depression. The scientific name for this condition is gynecomastia, a word that comes from the Greek language and is a combination of “gyne” and “mastos” which mean women and breasts.

Many wonder why this condition occurs in certain men and not others. There are various causes for gynecomastia, including one’s gene pool, the onset of puberty, obesity/excess fatty deposits which have landed in the chest region, the use of steroids, tumors, side effects of certain medications, imbalance of hormones and the use of cannabis products.

The emotional issues that arise when a male is stricken with gynecomastia can range from awkward to devastating. A man can begin to doubt his manhood, develop a poor self image, and become ashamed of his body.

He will likely be the target of locker room ridicule, name calling, and even become embarrassed to remove his shirt in front of others. This problem can hamper his social life and undermine his dating confidence.

Shame can be toxic to a person’s physical and emotional health. Anxiety and depression can result, creating an unfortunate atmosphere spilling into one’s life. A profound sadness, inability to sleep, and poor concentration are all possible ramifications that can occur.

There are different ways to achieve male breast reduction. If a man is overweight, a low fat diet and an exercise regime, including aerobics and muscle building, may cure the malady.

If this condition has occurred during puberty, time alone may cause the chest region to flatten out into a mature male appearance. During adolescence, hormones shift as the body is growing rapidly into adulthood. Once the hormones stabilize, this problem often disappears.

If drugs, illegal or given by prescription, are the culprit for the appearance of “man boobs” then discontinuing their use may reverse the problem. If the medication is necessary for one’s health, the person’s physician may be able to prescribe an alternative that has fewer side effects.

There are also surgical methods to alleviate gynecomastia. The technique known as liposuction is one possibility. Liposuction is a procedure performed by a cosmetic surgeon using a medical device called a cannula to suction away excess fatty deposits. A cannula is a slender tube that is inserted into the chest through tiny incisions.

Through this tube, the fat is vacuumed away. Another method is by surgically removing redundant skin and tissue then suturing the region closed. Sometimes both of these methods are combined. Once the male breast reduction has been completed, a compression garment will be worn to aid in the recovery process. As the chest region heals, the man’s emotional health usually improves, as well.

With male breast reduction, men with proportionately larger chest region can get rid of unwanted fat and tissues beneath breasts to get flatter and firmer ‘manly chest’. Know more about the procedure at

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Breast Cancer Alerts

Breast Cancer, also known as Malignant Breast Neoplasm, is caused from the inner lining of the breast tissues called milk ducts or lobules. Breast cancer which primarily originates from the milk ducts is known as ductal carcinomas. However, it can also instigate from the lobules, in those cases they are called lobular carcinomas. Mostly women aged above 45 years are victims of this dreadful disease. Although 100 times less, but men are also found to be victim of breast cancer.

With the rate at which the disease is increasing its prominence, it has become very important to spread awareness against this ailment. Breast cancer awareness programme have been initiated in different places with a motive to protect and create awareness about the disease amongst women. October is recognized as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month around the world.

Proper and immediate treatment, right after the disease is diagnosed is very important. There are several breast cancer treatment centers all over the world which are equipped to fight the ailment. The treatment for breast cancer is usually surgery along with radiation or chemotherapy. In some cases where breast cancer is due to hormones like estrogen or/and progesterone, the treatment is done by blocking off the effects of these hormones in the target tissue.

There are several symptoms that can be very useful for recognizing breast cancer but the most important breast cancer symptom is the feeling of a lump in the breast which is unusual from the rest of the part. This lump develops through several years and the time it is noticeable it has already grown to an alarming level. Other than lump there are other symptoms as well such as, change in the size of the breast, unusual change in the shape of the breast, nipple inversion, skin dimpling, or it may be single- nipple discharge. Lumps may also be found in the armpits which can be breast cancer.

There is different stage of breast cancer, from stage 0- 4. Stage 0 is known to be the pre-malignant disease or marker, whereas Stages 13 are described as 'early' cancer and possibly curable and stage- 4 is explained as 'metastatic' or advanced cancer and is incurable.

Proper awareness and breast cancer information is very essential to avoid the disease. To avoid breast cancer each of us should be alert and should know what the sign of breast cancer is to evade it. Each woman should actively enquire about the disease and should take part in different awareness programmes to eradicate it from the core. They should search the most important breast cancer site which has most relevant information and addresses of nearest treatment centre. Dont be shy- protect yourself against this adversary.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Breast Reduction Surgery: Determining If You Are A Candidate

Breast reduction surgery involves removing tissue from the chest and reducing cup size. Women choose to have the procedure done for a variety of reasons. These reasons can help you determine if you are a good candidate.

It doesn’t get as much play in the press, but breast reduction surgery is actually one of the most popular forms of plastic surgery. It can be done for cosmetic reasons, but most women use the surgery to correct issues they are having with their bodies. Physical issues such as back pain or general discomfort. There are several factors that go into determining if you are a candidate for the procedure. The best way to know for sure is to set up a consultation with a qualified surgeon and discuss your options with him. He will tell you whether or not you are a good candidate. Before doing so, however, you may wish to compare yourself with some other types of women who have elected to undergo the procedure.

Psychologically, candidates for breast reduction surgery should be mostly happy with their self image and not be the type of person who ties in a great deal of their self worth in their body.

This is true of any cosmetic procedure, but particularly for this one. Candidates should understand the purpose and scope of the procedure and have a good idea of what the end result will be. They should be prepared for a period of recovery. Typically, those who want to get the procedure are those whose larger chest size is causing them pain in the back and neck, those who have trouble breathing, and those whose posture is negatively affected by their larger bust size.

There are other problems that can be linked directly to having a chest that is too large.

These problems may also be corrected by having a breast reduction. Other types of these issues include having trouble sleeping due to the chest size making certain positions uncomfortable or impossible. Candidates also may complain that their chest size is preventing them from doing certain activities such as sports or exercise.

If you are experiencing a great deal of trouble finding clothes that fit and are comfortable and look nice, this could also mean you are a candidate for the procedure. Clothing is typically produced to fit the vast majority of the potential clientele. When an individual falls outside of that “average” spectrum, it can be a chore to find clothes. The sheer weight of the chest can cause irritation and pain from bra straps and can lead to chafing on the underside.

The most important aspect of determining if you’re a good candidate for breast reduction surgery is to see a qualified surgeon and discuss your problems. If you don’t have any obvious psychological hang-ups and don’t have unrealistic expectations, it is unlikely you will be turned away as long as you are in good health. Of primary importance is to find a good doctor and have a frank conversation with him about the possibilities.

Breast reduction can be a good choice for those who experience back pain and other ailments of having a large bust. For more information, visit