Saturday, October 24, 2009

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction though a part of cosmetic plastic surgery is not carried out for cosmetic improvements rather for physical relief. Some women go in for breast enlargement or breast augmentation to feel more confident of their body, whereas some women are painfully conscious of enormous breasts and find it embarrassing in public.

Large breasts could be hereditary or a medical condition, breast reduction surgery is also performed to correct asymmetry, sagging etc. Reduction in the weight and size of enormous breasts relieves the person of pain in the shoulders, neck and back. Too much of weight can also lead to skeletal deformation and breathing problems.

Surgery is generally not advised till the breasts are fully developed, teenagers who tend to think the large size is a big problem are told to wait till a mature age, as the body develops the size may not seem out of proportion and they may accept their body better.

The procedure of the surgery involves removal of fat, mammary gland, tissue and skin. It is more risky than breast enlargement, as we are not adding but removing natural tissues and muscles from the body. The major threat is the possibility of its interfering with breast feeding in the future, which is a major problem as it may hinder the natural responses of the body when the woman is pregnant or nursing. Another cause of concern is asymmetry in the twin assets, as the procedure also includes replacing the position of the nipples and areola.

Reduction of breasts requires an incision to be made in the centre of the breasts running down to the mammary crease, this leaves a visible and permanent scar which will remain for life. Internal bleeding from the wounds may also take place, which may need another corrective surgery.

Breast reduction may prove more appealing externally but the body would have to lose a lot literally and otherwise too.