Monday, November 23, 2009

Breast Reduction Surgery How And Why

The breast surgery is one of the common surgeries these days be it for any reason breast augmentation or breast surgery. Though most of the females go under the knife for breast augmentation, the breast reduction surgery is no less. This form of surgery is extremely popular among the women and certain men as well. There are many patients who are looking for the removal of excessive tissues in their chest that leads to a lot of discomforts. Beside, being the center of attraction for the on lookers there are many health issue related to this which includes the continuous chest pain and dissatisfaction with gynecomastia.

All those who are seeking for breast reduction surgery should consult an expert plastic surgeon in their area. The overabundance of breast tissue gives the body a poor posture and causes horrible back pain. Though some women may enjoy this, but a lot others try to keep their breast size in check by jogging in their neighborhood, working out in the gym or by doing small household chores. All these methods are quite tedious and generally dont give the desired output. For these patients the removal of excess fat tissue from the chest area would be the best option. This gives the patients an extra confidence as she has a proportionate body with a relieved back pain.

Though breast reduction is not that common among men as it is among women, still many men go through this surgery in order to be in shape and size. These are mainly those patients whose reason for the accumulation of excessive breast tissue is not related to the overall weight gain. Some hormonal conditions or certain medications may trigger these kinds of complications. As per the medical news, men normally undergo the surgery for their self esteem and self image rather than back pain as in case of most of the women.

The breast reduction surgery should only be done by the highly experienced board-certified plastic surgeons just to ensure that you are on the safe hands. Some of the side effects associated with this surgery include seroma formation, excessive bleeding, and negative reaction to anesthesia, asymmetry and irregularities. Dont hesitate in checking the credentials of the plastic surgeon that you want to consult. You might get trapped with most of the surgeons showing you the photos of before and after of the surgery. Its good if you talk to other patient who has gone through this procedure to ensure the credential of the surgeon.