Saturday, January 16, 2010

Los Angeles Breast Reduction For Women And Men

For women with large breasts, Los Angeles breast reduction is a boon. How it frees you from the discomfort and awkward situations! The process is actually a plastic surgery. The surgeon removes tissues from your chest, which lead to lighter breasts.

Choosing surgery for breast reduction is a big decision. You must know the pros and cons before going under the knife.


For large-breasted women, breast reduction surgery gives them more manageable breasts. You can also bid goodbye to unnecessary back pain (which happens due to weight of your breasts), stretched skin, and rashes under the breast area.

The good news is that after a successful breast surgery, you can wear your favorite clothes and those body-hugging blouses with ease.

Ah! The most important thing - you stop getting undue attention from men!

How it increases your self-esteem!

For men with prominent breasts (known as gynecomastia in medical terms), Los Angeles breast reduction is a savior! Having breasts like ladies can be quite embarrassing.

You might feel awkward going to beaches bare-chested. In fact, this condition is worse than a beer belly! Nowadays, a large number of men with this medical condition are choosing breast reduction surgery and getting their self-esteem back.

Another good thing about this surgery is that you get immediate results. This does not happen with exercise regimes or pills. Also, recovery is fast and you can live a normal life once again within a week or so.


Just as every coin has two sides, Los Angeles breast reduction surgery has pros as well as cons.

First, the surgery is complex. So, make sure you choose the best surgeons in town.

Although the surgery takes less time, the recovery period demands great care. If you are lax, the scars may not heal properly. This means you need to take leave from your workplace for a few days and should be ready for a resting period.

Like any surgery, this procedure also comes with its set of risks. But, if you follow your surgeon's guidelines like Bible, you shouldn't have complications. Remember to discuss about your present health status, medical history, and about the complications involved in Los Angeles breast reduction surgery.

Some women might find it difficult to breastfeed after undergoing this surgery. You must consult your doctor about this.

Cost is another not-so-pleasant thing about this breast surgery. Be ready to shell out a few thousand dollars for reducing your breasts. Although the affluent might not make a great deal about it, for an average housewife with voluptuous breasts, this can be a reason to give this surgery a second thought. But, the good news is that you can get some financing. Certain insurance companies even cover the cost of this surgery! So, if you're determined to slim your chest, nothing can stop you!

Always consult your physician before deciding for Los Angeles breast reduction surgery. Every individual has a unique body structure and response level to various medications and surgeries. Only a good surgeon can give you the right advice.