Saturday, March 20, 2010

All About Breast Cancer

Breast cancer today, is one of the most deadly diseases among women all over the world. As per the statistics, one out of nine women suffer from breast cancer. Though the cause and treatment of it has not been detected yet but if diagnosed in an early stage it can indeed be treated by conservative surgery and radio therapy thereafter. Discussed under are all the facts and details related to breast cancer. Take a look:

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

There are a couple of tests that can be done for diagnosing breast cancer. They are mentioned as under:

a) Clinical Examination for Breast Cancer

Every female between the age group of 20-40 should make a it a part of their routine check up every three years. Seek a physician or gynecologist and get yourself examined for breast cancer. Women older than 40 years need to get it examined at least once a year.

b) Mammography

Mammography refers to the radiological examination of breasts using minimum amount of x-ray doses.

Since mostly the breast cancer cases are found to be amongst women above 40, it is important for ladies in and above this age group that they go for mammography every year. This becomes all the more important in case one suspects some kind of abnormalities in breasts or has a family history of breast cancer.

c) Breast Self Examination

Breast self examination or BSE is the easiest way to detect the signs of breast cancer by oneself. Perform this self test every month after 10 days of your mensuration to keep a track of possible breast cancer symptoms. How to do breast self examination can be learnt from various informative sites on internet.

Breast Cancer Causes

The major factors that generally lead to breast cancer are:

Gender- Being a female, you automatically fall in the risk category of breast cancer.

Family History- One is more susceptible to this particular cancer if there is a hereditary of it in previous family generations.

Smoking- Smoking is one of the leading causes of breast cancer.

Alcohol Consumption- Too much of alcohol can also lead to breast cancer.

Early Radiological Examinations- Radiological examinations (for the treatment of another cancer) increases the risk of breast cancer.

Other Causes- other possible causes include obesity, age, early mensuration, dense breast tissues etc.

Breast Cancer Symptoms

Mentioned under are the abnormalities in breast anatomy that are suggestive breast cancer symptoms:

-Abnormal swelling in a specific part or of the entire breast.

-Continuous pain in breast.

-Abnormal secreation (other than breast milk) from nipple.

-Puckering, dimpling or rashes in breast skin.

-Unusual lump in the underarm area.

On experiencing any of the above mentioned abnormalities or symptoms in breast, it is must to see a specializing doctor.

For detailed information regarding the above subject, check out breast cancer symptoms.