Monday, April 26, 2010

Breast Reduction ? Risks and Supplements

Breast reduction has become one of the most common plastic or cosmetic surgeries today and is mostly done so that women can be confident and comfortable with their bodies and assets.

There are many things one should be aware of before taking a decision to go for breast reduction surgery. One of the biggest problems is to know the breast size in proportion to the body. A small reduction is known as a cosmetic surgery and one should know how many grams per side should be reduced. Talking about medical claims and insurance, they need to know the exact amount and size to qualify it for insurance.

Though complications may be rare, they may still occur and hence, one should watch out for infection, loss of breast, asymmetrical breast or loss of felling or sensitivity. There have been also cases where negligence and malpractices of the physician results in heavy damage for the patient.

The doctors sometimes remove more tissues than the pre-determined grams from each breast and mismatch the breast size.  There have also been cases of careless work where the sutures got separated after the surgery and became infected causing green discharge from the surgery site. Though the doctor may suggest that the patient's body is allergic to stitches and refuses to heal, it also includes the doctor's mistake. The patient may have to get treatment for staph infection which may develop after the surgery. Fat necrosis is a rare complication while the worst can be death. One should be aware and alert of all such risks before taking the breast reduction decision.

One should also be mentally and physically prepared before the surgery. One may experience anxiety or stress and but remembering the basic reasons for undergoing the surgery helps to reinforce the purpose of the surgery.

One can be physically prepared by being fit and doing cardio and increase the ability to heal faster.

Vitamins and herbs and online healthcare products can aid as supplements but one should consult the physician before any such intake. Though vitamin E helps in rebuilding the blood vessels and helps in healing, it also acts as an anti-coagulant which may run the risk of excessive bleeding. Though there are some vitamins which can be taken after discussing with the physician, like Vitamin C, Vitamin E 400 IU for reducing breast tenderness, Magnesium 400mg to reduce water retention, negative moods and pain, Vitamin B6 100mg to reduce irritability, fatigue and depression and Calcium 1000mg to reduce body aches and bloating.

One should take into consideration all the pros and cons before taking a decision for breast reduction surgery.