Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gynexin Male Breast Reduction

Gynexin is a product which you can take for the purpose of male breast reduction. It has the potent ingredients capable of getting rid of man boobs. Man boobs can also be referred to as gynecomastia. Gynexin male breast reduction supplement is a natural product which contains blend of herbs made to eliminate man boobs. It functions by acting on your fatty tissues found in your mammary gland. This product is the only one of its kind which is made under the supervision of top medicinal scientists and dieticians. It is capable of acting on your fatty cells and trimming them down in quantity and size.

The result from the use of this male breast reduction pill begins to surface in 2 to 3 weeks time. The first result you will experience is the overall firming of your torso. Reduction of fat at your midsection area is the first sign that the product has started to work for you. Beginning from third to six week, you will notice the firming of your chest region. When you must have attained your desired results from the use of gynexin, you should switch the dosage of gynexin pill you take per day from four capsules to two capsules per day in order to keep the result you have gotten.

Apart from the use of gynexin to get rid of gynecomastia, the next option is the use of surgery. This method is a painful and invasive option. When you use it to remove your man boobs, it will leave permanent scaring on your skin. It costs up to 00 for one session. Gynexin does work for getting rid of gynecomastia safely.