Thursday, November 11, 2010

Male Breast Reduction Questions Answered

Male breast reduction is a simple cosmetic surgery performed to treat related enlargement in men. Though it's a common surgery among men, this procedure remains shrouded in mystery and misconceptions. Read on for answers to many of the typical questions regarding surgery.

How Is It Done?

Male breast reduction is performed much like the female version of the surgery. The surgeon begins by placing an incision around the areola and removing the excess tissue and skin before applying stitches and closing the site. Sometimes, liposuction is used in conjunction with this technique, and other times it is effective by itself. In extreme cases, multiple entry sites may be necessary to achieve the desired result.

Does It Treat Obesity?

In the cases of obesity, surgeons recommend a more comprehensive weight loss approach due to the possibility of reversal of the results. In patients whose problem area happens to be their chests, who have been unsuccessful in losing the fat in the chest area regardless of diet and exercise, surgery may be effective even in the long-term.

Who is a Good Candidate?

Healthy men with no allergies to anesthesia who seek to correct related enlargement are good candidates. Men with Gynecomastia are the best candidates for this procedure. Gynecomastia is a disorder in men causing enlarged breasts and is caused by hormonal imbalance, heredity or by a formerly used medicine.

What is Recovery Like?

Patients return home the same day as surgery, and are placed in a surgical support garment to immobilize and protect the area. This procedure results in a week-long recovery that patients are required to spend resting. Though most activities can be resumed after a week, exercise or any other strenuous endeavors will need to be avoided for a month.

Are Results Long-Lasting?

Gynecomastia patients have their glands and ducts removed during surgery, eliminating the problem that causes the enlargement. In men who sought this surgery to rid themselves of remnants of fat deposits from the area, later weight gain may reverse the results. This is why the majority of surgeons require men to maintain a steady weight for a particular amount of time before deeming them good candidates for the procedure.

Now that you have had many of your questions answered regarding this cosmetic procedure, you will have a better idea of whether this type of enhancement will meet your needs and give you the results you desire.