Saturday, December 25, 2010

Things To Know When Considering A Breast Reduction

While many women dream of procedures which increase their bust size, others dream about being able to reduce them. If you have breasts which are large to the point of interfering with your life and the activities you love, it might be time to reduce them and move forward with life.

There are definite side effects to having a chest which is too large. One of the most painful can be chronic neck and back pain.

Perhaps you are tired of having to cover up when you are at the beach, or you are afraid of revealing too much skin at dignified events.

These are just a few of the reasons more women are choosing life-enhancing breast reduction, or reduction mammaplasty. Contact a qualified plastic surgeon in this directory to help you start the process.

The only thing you have to lose is inches! If you are interested in having this surgery, the benefits include being able to stand straighter, swing a golf club, wear clothes that fit correctly, run with your dog, and even sleep and breathe easier.

This is a plastic surgery procedure, usually performed for medical reasons rather than cosmetic purposes, to make breasts smaller, lighter, and firmer. Reduction is typically recommended for women who have significant physical ailments, such as back or neck pain, skin irritation, poor posture, numbness, rashes, indentations in the skin from over-taxed bras, excessive sweating or breathing problems, due to unnaturally large mammary glands.

During the procedure, performed under general anesthesia, a surgeon removes excess tissue, fat, and skin using an anchor-shaped incision that circles the areola and extends downward, following the naturally curved crease. The nipple and areola are then moved into their new position, and skin from both sides of the breast is reformed around the areola to reshape it.

Women who suffer from the severe physical and psychological impacts of an overly large and heavy chest may consider this life-enhancing procedure. Symptoms are most problematic when size is inordinately disproportionate to the stature-for example, a 5-foot-tall woman with a 36E cup size.

In addition to the obvious physical disorders that a pendulous chest causes, they can also lead to significant emotional suffering. Teens with large breasts are often subject to teasing or undue sexual attention.

Many women are emotionally scarred by their inability to pursue physical activities or be truly appreciated for their mind over their body. All of these women, if they are in good general health and mature enough to understand the procedural risks and consequences, could consider reduction.

Since the surgery removes many of the milk ducts leading to the nipples, this surgery is not recommended for women who intend to breast-feed their babies. Young women are also advised to postpone surgery until the breasts have stopped growing, usually around age 20.

Ask your doctor and insurance company about the qualifications for medically necessary surgical coverage. As with any surgery, there is a slight possibility of complications, including bleeding, infection, or reaction to the anesthesia.

In some cases, post-surgery patients can develop small sores around the nipples, which can be eliminated with antibiotic creams. Reduction mammaplasty does leave some permanent scars, although they are easily covered by a bra or bathing suit.

Other complications may include slightly mismatched breasts, unevenly positioned nipples and some loss of feeling in the chest and nerve endings. Most patients are moving around in a day or so, but are advised not to move heavy objects for up to a month.

New mammories may also ache occasionally for a couple of weeks. Most women return to work and social activities in about two weeks, but should limit exercise to stretching and swimming.

Your plastic surgeon will provide detailed instructions for resuming normal activities. If you choose to have this procedure, you will find that you have less emotional stress, less teasing and unwanted attention, and an elimination of neck, back, and shoulder pain.

You will also find that you have the ability to run and exercise, an elimination of rashes, numbness, and painful bra-strap grooving, the benefit of an entirely new wardrobe, and a new found confidence you cannot beat.

You will also receive medical benefits, in the form of an easier detection of any kind of pre-cancerous lumps. Talk to your doctor today if you are a possible candidate for this procedure.