Saturday, January 8, 2011

3 Things to Know about Breast Reduction


Breast reduction surgery is commonly pursued by women who feel as though their breasts have become a hassle in everyday life. Fortunately, this surgery can drastically improve the quality of life for many women today, particularly since it can alleviate back pain and help women feel more confident about their figures. While over-enlarged breasts can stem from different causes, including pregnancy and genetics, Phoenix breast reduction can be an effective way to reduce the size of larger breasts to improve your quality of life. Let’s take a look at three things to keep in mind about this surgery.

1. It can make everyday life more enjoyable. Women with larger breasts sometimes feel as though they cannot participate in daily activities. What’s more, bras can be difficult to come by because many stores do not carry sizes beyond D-cup bras; so, finding the right bra size can require customized undergarments, which are generally more expensive than regular bras.

Clothing is another battle, making shopping a hassle for many individuals because some things simply don’t fit the way they should when you have larger breasts. With Phoenix breast reduction, you can benefit from being able to enjoy life without having to worry about finding the right support bra or shopping for clothes that fit your frame.

2. It can alleviate back pain. Having larger breasts means that your back and neck must work overtime to support the extra weight on your chest. Because of this constant strain, many women who suffer from over-enlarged breasts report higher incidences of back and neck problems. Phoenix breast reduction works to reduce the size of your breasts, thereby reducing the strain on your back and neck and helping to alleviate unwanted aches and pains.


It can restructure the shape of your breast. Phoenix breast reduction is frequently paired with a breast lift because larger breasts are more susceptible to becoming pendulous over time. By removing excess skin and fat and shifting it into a reduced and lifted position, breasts can look more perky and youthful. It is important to keep in mind that, depending on your breasts, the surgery requires the removal of significant amounts of tissue and can also involve the repositioning of the nipple. So, scarring is a very common side effect of Phoenix breast reduction. Talk to your doctor to see if this procedure is right for you during your initial consultation.

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