Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Your First Week After Breast Reduction Surgery

The first week after your breast reduction surgery is a strange time. You're overjoyed that your body is now the way you want it, but you're not quite out of it yet. You'll experience some pain and discomfort, and there will be quite a few things you can't do yet. Here is a good idea of what to expect your first week after breast reduction surgery.

If you feel great after your breast reduction surgery, that's good news. But be careful; some people who feel fine after the operation end up making the mistake of trying to get back on their feet too soon. For that first week, don't be a busybody. It's a good way to rupture the stitches and cause lots of trouble, which will find you back at the plastic surgery clinic getting revision surgery done. And that means more time and more money. Take it easy just like the doctor told you, even if you feel wonderful.

Aside from following doctor's orders and taking your medications, make sure that you take good care of yourself. Eat a healthy, balanced diet that provides all the necessary nutrients for your body's natural healing processes to do their thing. Drink lots of water and avoid alcohol or tobacco. These have the effect of drying out your body, and this will interfere with the healing process. Take it easy, get plenty of sleep and avoid stress. Your doctor will probably tell you to refrain from moving too much, but to get off the couch once in a while to get your blood flowing.

After one week, you'll have your first follow-up appointment. At this check-up, your doctor will fill you in on what you should be doing from now and also what you should NOT be doing. You'll receive a whole new set of orders.

If there is anything that you don't completely understand, ask for clarity. Also, if you have any questions that you'd like to ask, now's your chance. They'll want to know how you're feeling after your breast reduction surgery. The whole purpose of these follow-up appointments is for them to make sure that everything's going just the way it should be.

The follow-up is a good time to ask about any strange things that you notice after your breast reduction. You may have some pain or discomfort. Your nipples may look funny or the size of your breasts may seem uneven. Some women experience a tingling sensation around the incisions. These are all things that are actually quite normal, but you should mention everything to the doctor just in case. If there is anything that is not normal, they can start doing something about it before it becomes a problem.

Keep in mind that you're only one week out of your breast reduction surgery. You can't expect to feel too great or jump right back into your regular routine. It's a big adjustment to get used to your new body, but things will get back to normal soon. Remember that you can always contact your doctor if you have any concerns.