Sunday, April 17, 2011

Breast Cancer Candle Favors

I am always touched when I see a breast cancer favor. Having had so many family members and friends touched by this insidious disease I am always deeply touched when someone incorporates the pink ribbon symbol and cause into their event favor - whether it be for a wedding, a birthday celebration or a charity event.

One of the most popular and beloved breast cancer awareness favors is a  candle that features a pink awareness ribbon - whether on the candle itself, the candle label or package, or both. In either case, it is a subtle reminder that breast cancer is a disease that affects us all - either personally or through a loved one.

Because candles are such popular and beloved gift, having a pink ribbon candle favor as a fund raiser is a natural. It is something that people love to use and use frequently. It sets a mood, a scent, a scene.

When choosing the candle for your event, look for a soy based candle that burns clean, that is made with natural ingredients and that is subtlety scented (also make sure that 'unscented' is an option). One that is poured into a glass votive candle is certainly an advantage - it is a 'ready made' favor. Some candle makers even allow you to affix a personalize label which is especially meaningful when the favor is given at a breast cancer themed wedding or event, or when it is used as a fundraiser to showcase the sponsor and to state a message.

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