Saturday, June 18, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraing

Effective breast cancer fund raising requires that the volunteer be adequately informed of the importance of early detection and breast cancer research that will provide motivation, inspiration and commitment. It requires the ability to understand that “no” does not necessarily mean “never” and the determination to pursue as the cure is reason for the cause. Breast cancer affects everyone, someone’s mother or father, sister, friend, co-worker, or someone on the street. It takes money to eradicate this killer that is irrespective of persons; breast cancer is everyone’s disease. Many lives are lost because of a lack of information and early detection. Therefore, dedicated volunteers are needed to raise money so that every adult will perform monthly breast exams and a mammogram can be the difference between life and death.

The pink breast cancer pencils are a reminder that October is national breast cancer month and the familiar pink ribbons remind us that early detection saves lives.

This year 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer; 43,000 will die; 1,600 men will be diagnosed; 400 will die. Believe it or not, simple healthcare pencils and the pink breast cancer pencils can be used to raise money. These pencils are inexpensive, but supporters will pay 2.00 each because the money is going to pay for breast cancer research, education, or a mammogram for someone who may have felt a lump but cannot afford the life saving procedure.

Another successful fundraiser is a local celebrity auction. The committee should ask local celebrities, such as newscasters, sports figures, socialites, and local businesspersons to donate a day or evening to the cause.

Others can donate items or a business service such as a make-over, spa day, a limousine movie date with a bottle of Cristal’, a massage, manicure, pedicure, facial, tickets, or a local restaurant can be motivated to donate a meal. Artistic committee members create attractive gift baskets for the items, which are placed on decorated tables. Local restaurants can supply the dinner for the black- tie affair with volunteer entertainment. Opening bids should be designed in accordance with the financial objective. Guests will enjoy an, elegant evening in a beautiful setting while enjoying themselves. Small pink gift bags should be prepared for each guest that includes breast cancer literature, healthcare pencils and the familiar pink pencils as a parting gift of gratitude. The pink pencils will serve as a reminder to do the monthly self-exams and to be aware of the danger of breast cancer.