Sunday, July 3, 2011

Breast Reduction Advantages And Disadvantages

Breast reduction surgery is used to reduce the general appearance of the patient's chest. In general, women are the more common patients for this type of operation but there are also many men who suffer from excessive chest size, who might wish to have them reduced. The operation comes in several techniques, depending on how much the person wants to have taken out. Usually, the incisions are just below the nipple going downwards to the crease. In some cases, tightening and trimming of the excess skin, tissues and glands may require repositioning of the nipple and areola.


The biggest advantage of breast reduction is the improved appearance of the individual. Many men and women with this dilemma are often the brunt of jokes and may be self conscious of their massive bosoms or asymmetrical chest. The decision to have this operation can be a relief to many and can actually improve not only the appearance but also the way of life of the person. Another advantage of the procedure is the reduced expense of buying undergarments that are specially made for overly large breasts. The cost usually follows the size of the bra and those of the largest sizes may cost more than triple the price of smaller bra cups. The procedure also saves the woman from some discomfort from movement. Having overly large breasts can be cumbersome and can limit mobility to a certain extent. In men, breast reduction gives them the freedom to take off their shirts without being self conscious of their abnormally large chest size. The added weight in front can also cause some strain in the back for most women. This often results to back pain which can be chronic and sometimes incapacitate a person. Men do not usually have this problem since their large breasts may not be comparable to those of women.


The major disadvantage of having this operation done is the possible loss of sensitivity in the area. The trimming of the tissues, skin and glands can affect how the sensitivity of the area. Some of the nerves may be affected and might not return to normal. Breastfeeding might not be an option for the woman once she has undergone breast reduction surgery of this kind. She should carefully consider the implications of not being able to do so especially if she still has plans to be pregnant in the future. The procedure may not be covered by insurance unless it can be proven that the largeness of the breasts causes conditions such as chronic back pain or chronic neck pain.