Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Breast Cancer Little

Many people believe that traditional Chinese medicine theory of the abstract, which I agree. To Western theory, the lung is Huxijitong organs, large intestine is the digestive organs, Do not take two eight nine. However, each of the corresponding organs of Chinese medicine theory, such as lung and Large Intestine, that is, large intestine and lung meridians cross each other network is the table, I believe we still do not know how related to the lung and colon, but that the medicine is so "mysterious "it. One time chatting with the Chinese, a long-term constipation in the elderly, and saw numerous doctors, always constipation, described her as hard to want to die. Chinese woman is not the large intestine and small intestine that problem, but the lung is weak, not enough strength defecation, prescription drugs lungs qi, including ginseng, that the bowel follow-old woman was smooth.

Chinese medicine say that few people understand the lung and the Large Intestine, and sometimes, colon and lung-related problems. Studies have Traditional Chinese Medicine Stresses used in the treatment of cancer such Xiaoyaosan breast cancer.

Female breast cancer patients due to inadequate sexual characteristics of this major impact with your partner. Found that patients diagnosed with breast cancer, the need to receive hormone therapy, but also so that they decreased libido and impaired self-image, thus reducing the sex life, experts called for when patients need help. University of seventeen hundred breast cancer survivors for a long time to follow up, eight persons that suffer from breast cancer before, have a happy sex life, but confirmed two years, up to Qicheng patients sexual problems.

Hong Kong each year two thousand seven hundred new cases of breast cancer cases, of which five hundred were thus killed. A survey shows that the two breast cancer patients into seven after the discovery of more than three months or more before symptoms seek medical attention, nearly Qicheng is surprised to discover breast lumps and other symptoms, of which four as found in the shower, into the regular checks of less than one found. Patients with a doctor that a sense of crisis and lack of knowledge of the disease, delay in seeking treatment more than three months will lead to cancer recovery rate has dropped, to urge that women should seek medical advice early symptoms. Survey found that respondents had an average delay of two weeks before symptoms seek medical advice for women diagnosed with breast cancer, the two into seven or more before seeking treatment after three months. Mostly elderly patients diagnosed with breast cancer an average of fifty-eight years old, this age generally lower level of education, on Breast Cancer Little sense of crisis caused by lack of knowledge. Some people are using traditional Chinese medicine treatment.