Monday, August 24, 2009

Breast Reduction - Shopping For A New Look

If you are planning on undergoing a breast reduction, you may find yourself out on several different shopping excursions over the next couple of week. Be sure to plan out what you are going to need, what you are planning to save and what is going to be worn in the interim.

Before the Surgery

You know that the way you look is going to change after breast reduction surgery, but you may not have an exact idea of what you are going to look like and how your clothes are going to fit. In other words, this is not the time to take off on a shopping spree. It is always a better idea to see the full results and then take the time to have a great time enjoying your new figure.

However, when you do come home, you are going to need a few things. Take the time to ask your doctor what type of support garments you will need in order to be comfortable immediately following the procedure. Most doctors recommend some type of support bra (looks like a sports bra) with a way to open it up from the front for ease of care when it comes to bandages.

Immediately After Surgery

Hopefully, after breast reduction surgery, you will be recovering peacefully at home. You are going to have some time that you just need to rest and there is no reason to go out shopping just yet. Wear some of the clothes that you already own as these may fit a little looser and be comfortable to wear. Besides the support garment, there is no need to wear any tight clothing.

After Recovery

When everything is complete and the swelling from the breast reduction has gone, it is time to go shopping. Before heading out the door, take the time to try on some of the clothes that you already own. You may find that you want to keep some of them as they now fit better and you may be more comfortable wearing them.

You will need to purchase new bras. Be sure to take the time to go in for a proper bra fitting. Now that you have made a change, take advantage of the lack of weight and pressure on your shoulders and back by buying something that supports you well. You can find a bra-fitting expert at many of the local department stores or a specialty store in your area.

Splurge A Little

Chances are, you are looking and feeling great. Take advantage of this feeling by purchasing items of clothing that accentuate your new look. Take the time to feel good about yourself and confident with your decision to undergo breast reduction surgery. In the same way, you may want to try activities that you may have avoided in the past. This type of procedure gives you a chance to try new things and reinvent yourself. Enjoy the choice that you have made.