Monday, August 17, 2009

Could Breast Reduction Be Suitable For You?

Breast reduction is a type of plastic surgery procedure whereby the size of the breasts is decreased. This treatment option is well suited to women who feel that they are top heavy and that their ample bosom is out of proportion with the lower half of their bodies. A breast reduction is also an option to consider for patients who experience physical problems such as back pain, neck pain or pain in their shoulders due to the weight of their chests.

Breasts that are oversized develop naturally in some females during or after puberty. Some women (especially those who are already big busted) will find that following pregnancy their breasts remain large and do not go back to the size they were before they got pregnant.

Having an oversized chest can not only cause physical discomfort, but it can also negatively impact the individual's way of life. It can make it difficult to exercise or to find a comfortable position to sleep in. It can also make it difficult to find proper fitting clothing. Many ladies also find that their big chests draw unwanted attention in their direction.

Breast reduction surgery performed by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon is the way to go if you are one of these women. The surgery will improve the contours of the upper region of your body and will allow you to feel better about the way you look. When you look in the mirror following the treatment, you will no longer look as if you are too heavy on the top!

If your breasts are not the same size, then the asymmetry problem can be addressed by the cosmetic surgeon as well. The physician who performs the operation on you will be able to modify both the shape of your bosom as well as how firm it is. Many patients who feel that their nipples are too large undergo nipple surgery at the same time that the reduction is done. If this is something that you feel you would like to do, then make sure you discuss it with the surgeon at your consultation and subsequent appointments.

In most instances a reduction operation is performed using general anesthesia. This means that the patient is unconscious during the operation. The procedure can take place in a hospital, in the plastic surgeon's office or at an outpatient surgical suite. Before the surgery gets underway, the doctor will make markings on the chest of the patient. The patient will be asked to sit in an upright position. The doctor will then draw the markings in strategic areas that are relevant for the surgery. This outline acts as a guide to the physician of where the incisions should go.

The incisions will then be made where the markings were drawn on the body. They generally look like an anchor shape. The flaps of skin are created as a result of the markings. From there the doctor can proceed with the breast reduction operation. During such time skin, excess fat and glandular tissue will be taken from the chest area. The nipples may need to be placed in a new position once the reduction has been completed.