Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Breast Reduction - Is it Okay to Get Breast Reduction After Augmentation?

Contouring your breasts so that they are perfect can take a lot of work. Sometimes the first time, you don't quite get it right. Many women wish to reduce their breast size after your augmentation, know if is it okay to go for a reduction after an augmentation?

Are You Sure You Want A Reduction?

Many women feel this way after initially getting the work done. Of course, you might be happy with your new breast size, but there are always some doubts. Especially after their first augmentation, many women consider breast reduction.

The first thing to do is to wait until the swelling goes down. Right after surgery, your breasts are bigger than they will be. They may also be shiny, awkward, and uncomfortable. Give them some time to settle, and then take an objective look in the mirror.

After living with your new chest for some time, you might still feel like having them reduced.

Around nine months after the augmentation procedure, it is completely safe to get them removed. But, it's always good to consult a doctor first.

The Most Common Procedure-Implant Removal

Women who are unhappy with their implants will often have them removed. If the implants are too big, you might choose to have them removed and a more suitable size implanted instead.

The implant removal procedure is short. It only takes 30 minutes, and it's done on an outpatient basis with a choice of anesthetic. The only hitch is that you will have to pay several thousand dollars, which feels like a shame! There is also the recovery all over again, but it doesn't take long until you are back to your normal life.

Reduction And Lift

Another common option is breast reduction and lift.

With this combination procedure, the surgeon takes out tissues to reduce the size and bulk of the breasts, and then gives them a slight lift. The lift tones your breasts and gives them a perky look. This surgery is often the best choice for total chest contouring, whether getting augmentation work reduced, or simply getting a first operation done.

It's perfectly alright to have breast reduction work after you've had work done. The augmentation work is reversible. It just takes another operation and more money to have it reversed.