Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dressing Stylishly After Breast Reduction Surgery

There is a wide array of reasons why many women with very large busts consider surgical breast reduction. One reason often given is that women with large breasts typically face real fashion and comfort challenges that take a lot of the joy out of shopping for, and wearing, fashionable new clothes. After having breast reduction surgery, these issues tend to go away, making shopping and wearing fashionable clothing a new adventure.

Women who are larger in the chest area learn to turn away from styles that are uncomfortable and unflattering, so they need to re-learn how to choose cuts of clothing that will enhance their new shape. This process should be fun and easy if a few simple tips are kept in mind. One such tip is to consider tops that are cut to enhance the chest, rather than cut to hide it. After surgery, snug clothes and certain necklines that were off limits before become great go-to items in the closet. A more balanced body shape can experiment with figure-hugging, fashionable fabrics and designs. Tops such as turtlenecks fit beautifully over a moderate-sized bust. Blouses that once pulled at their buttons now skim over the body, allowing for designer touches such as ruffles or other ornamentation. V-necked wrap tops often don't fit large-breasted women or are too revealing with a large expanse of cleavage. After breast reduction surgery, they are a viable and flattering option.

The way a woman wears her clothes after breast reduction surgery is as important as what she wears. Many large-breasted women are hesitant to tuck their shirts into their pants or are wary of wearing belts with their clothes. With a moderate and body-balanced chest area, accenting the shape by tucking in a shirt or wearing a belt with trousers or at the waist over a blouse are perfect ways of enhancing a proportionate figure. The current trend of wearing a belt over a cardigan is a beautiful example of one way to show off a smaller bust.

Dresses are much more flattering on women with a balanced figure. Large-breasted women often buy their dresses a size larger than they need through the waist and hips because they are trying to accommodate their breasts. Breast reduction allows a woman to wear shifts or dresses that fit the entire body correctly. Fashion-forward patterns, such as small prints or horizontal stripes, were once off-limits because they drew attention to large breasts. These details now highlight a balanced hourglass figure.

A woman who has reduced the size of her breasts will enjoy learning the many ways she is able to accentuate her femininity with well-cut and stylish garments that were previously off-limits.